Thursday, 26 April 2007

Exhibit in the Library Stairwell Gallery

Student submissions for Semester 2 2007 close THURSDAY MAY 3RD.
Get your proposals in today!
See library staff for proposal package and guidelines.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Want more books?

We know you do - so we’ve (temporarily) increased our loan limit!!

As a trial for this term (between Monday 23rd April and Friday 22nd June), you can borrow up to fifteen items at a time, including up to four items on the same subject. They can be any combination of books, journals, videos, etc. If it works out well, we might adopt it more permanently (subject to regular evaluation).

This limit applies only to National Art School degree students (BFA, BFA Hons and MFA) and staff. The loan period will still be 2 weeks with 2 possible renewals.

Let us know what you think! Post a comment here so we can track your opinions more accurately. And spread the word!

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

New Resources

Click the "Post page" link below for a full list (with links to the catalogue) of all resources added to the collection during January and February. Many of these are donations from students, staff and other libraries, so thankyou to all those helping us build our collection!


01 JAN 2007 TO 28 FEB 2007

Click on a title below to view the details and availability of the item.

last updated 09 Mar 2007
GC/BACH Bach, Richard Jonathan Livingston Seagull / 1973.
GC/BARN Barnard, Marjorie, 1897-1987 The persimmon tree and other stories / 1985.
GC/COU Courtenay, Bryce, 1933- April Fools Day : a modern love story / 1995, c1993.
GC/DICK Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870 Twist, Oliver  
GC/ECO Eco, Umberto, 1932- The name of the rose / 1984.
GC/FORS Forster, E. M. (Edward Morgan), 1879-1970 Howards End / 1973.
GC/FORS Forster, E. M. (Edward Morgan), 1879-1970 A passage to India / 1961, c1924.
GC/GARN Garner, Helen, 1942- Cosmo Cosmolino / 1992.
GC/GIDE Gide, Andre, 1869-1951 The immoralist / 1960.
GC/HAZZ Hazzard, Shirley, 1931- The transit of Venus / 1982, c1980.
GC/HEWE Hewett, Dorothy. A baker's dozen / 2001.
GC/HOEG Hoeg, Peter, 1957- Miss Smilla's feeling for snow / 1997, c1993.
GC/JHAB Jhabvala , Ruth Prawer , 1927- Shards of memory  
GC/JOLL Jolley, Elizabeth, 1923- The orchard thieves  
GC/MARQ Garcia Marquez, Gabriel, 1928- Leaf storm  
GCP/BLAK Blake, William, 1757-1827 SONGS OF INNOCENCE  
GCP/BROW Browning, Elizabeth Barrett, 1806-1861 Selected poems  
GCP/BYSE Emslie, George By Sea, Shore & River Bank 1946
GCP/RICH Rich, Adrienne, 1929- Your native land, your life : poems  
GCP/TAGO Tagore , Rabindranath , 1861-1941 Gitanjali : a collection of Indian songs  
GC/SOLZ Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr Isaevich, 1918- The Gulag Archipelago  
GC/STEA Stead, Christina, 1902-1983 For love alone / 1966.
GC/TOLS Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910 Resurrection  
REF 006.7/MELO Meloni, Julie C. Blogging in a snap / c2006.
006.7/MELO Meloni, Julie C. Blogging in a snap / c2006.
155.332/MILE Miles, Rosalind The rites of man : love, sex, and death in the making of the male / 1991.
192/RUSS Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970 Mysticism and logic 1963
305.4/BACC Bacchi, Carol Lee, 1948- Same difference : feminism and sexual difference / 1990.
305.4/FISH Fisher, Helen E. The first sex : the natural talents of women and how they are changing the world 2000
305.42/KANT Kanter, Hannah Sweeping statements : writings from the Women's Liberation Movement 1981-83 1984
305.42/MORG Morgan, Robin The word of a woman : selected prose, 1968-1992 / 1993, c1992.
305.4201/TONG Tong, Rosemarie Feminist thought : a comprehensive introduction / 1989.
305.420994/TALL   Tall poppies : nine successful Australian women talk to Susan Mitchell. 1984.
306/RONA Ronai, Carol Rambo Zsembik, Barbara A. Feagin, Joe R. Everyday sexism in the third millenium 1997
306.4/ARMS Armstrong, Tim American bodies : cultural histories of the physique 1996
306.46/FLAN Flanagan, Mary Booth, Austin Reload : rethinking women + cyberculture 2002
306.7/JEFF Jeffreys, Sheila Anticlimax : a feminist perspective on the sexual revolution / c1990.
331.4133/GAME Game, Ann Gender at work / 1983.
535.6/COLO   Colour / c1988, c1980.
617.7/HUXL Huxley, Aldous, 1894-1963 The art of seeing 1985
701.15/HYMA Hyman, John The objective eye : color, form, and reality in the Theory of Art 2006
701.17/CARP Carpenter, Patrick Art and ideas : an approach to art appreciation / 1971.
704.039915/CONT   Contemporary aboriginal art : the Mollie Gowing acquisition fund 2006
704.94/FLIN Thomas, Sarah, 1965- The Encounter, 1802 : art of the Flinders and Baudin voyages 2002
704.94343/FLOW   The flower as image 2004
707.4099441/SYDN Alexander Mackie College of Advanced Education Sydney Biennale : white elephant or red herring? : comments from the art community [1979]
709/BURG Burgin, Victor The end of art theory : criticism and postmodernity / 1986.
709/COPP   The Macmillan art informer : a guide to the full enjoyment of the fine arts / 1983.
709.02/RICE Rice, David Talbot, 1903-1972 Byzantine art 1954
709.04052/VARN Varnedoe, Kirk, 1946-2003. Pictures of nothing : abstract art since Pollock / c2006.
709.04062/LEMO Lemoine, Serge Dada 1987
709.04063/ADES Ades, Dawn, 1943- Undercover surrealism : Georges Bataille and DOCUMENTS 2006
709.0407/ANNE   Anne Landa Award : Anne Landa Award for video and new media arts 2006
709.2/ALBE Horowitz, Frederick A. Josef Albers : to open eyes : the Bauhaus, Black Mountain College and Yale / 2006.
709.2/OLIT   Jules Olitski : the Seventies : painting and sculpture 2006
709.47/RICE Rice, Tamara Talbot Russian art 1949
REF 709.94074/NATI 2006   The Degree Show / 2001-
709.94074/NATI 2006   The Degree Show / 2001-
709.940749/TWEN Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art (2006) 21st century modern : 2006 Adelaide Biennial of Australian art / 2006.
709.95/MOOR Moore, David R. Melanesian art in the Australian Museum 1968
709.96/HOOP Hooper, Steven. Pacific encounters : art & divinity in Polynesia 1760-1860 / 2006.
720.470994/CARM Carment, Tom CH2 - Tom Carment : the construction of Australia's greenest office building : paintings, drawings & stories 2006
720.9/NUTT Nuttgens, Patrick. The complete handbook of architecture : from the first civilizations to the present day / 2006.
738.092/REYN Reason, Robert. Gladys Reynell : the most delightful thing on earth / c2006.
738.14/WARS Warshaw, Josie. The practical potter : a step-by-step handbook : a comprehensive guide to ceramics with step-by-step projects and techniques / 2001.
741.092/AMOR Amor, Rick. Rick Amor drawings. c2005.
741.092/MAUG Maughan, Jocelyn. The draughtsman's contract : the works of Jocelyn Maughan. 1998.
741.092/MAUG Maughan, Jocelyn. Genre the significance of the insignificant : drawings and paintings of everyday life / 2004.
741.9242/DRAW Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.) Drawing from the Modern, 1945-1975 / c2005.
745.67/ILLU National Gallery of Victoria An illuminated Byzantine gospel book : National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne 1961
REF 759.06/VITA   Vitamin P : new perspectives in painting / 2002.
759.13/SCULL Scully, Sean, 1945- Sean Scully : recent paintings 2006
759.13/SHAR Sharf, Kenny Kenny Sharf 1998
759.2/CRIT Critchley, Paul Paul Critchley 1995
759.3/BRUE Bruegel, Pieter, ca. 1525-1569 Bruegel / 1980, c1979.
759.3/DURE Strieder, Peter Durer / 1980.
759.3/MULA Bosch, Hieronymus, d. 1516 Bosch / 1980.
759.36/KOKO Sabarsky, Serge Oskar Kokoschka : drawings and watercolors : the early years : 1906 - 1924 1986
759.4/CEZA Loran, Erle, 1905- Cezanne's composition : analysis of his form with diagrams and photographs of his motifs / 1963, c1943.
759.4/MANE Faison, S. Lane, Jr. Manet 1955
759.4/PICA Palau i Fabre, Josep, 1917- Picasso Cubism (1907-1917) / c1990.
759.6/ELGR Matthews, John F., 1918- El Greco 1954
759.6/GOYA Hughes, Robert, 1938- Goya 2004
759.6/PICA Walther, Ingo F. Pablo Picasso, 1881-1973 : genius of the century / c1993.
759.7/CHAG Chagall, Marc, 1887-1985 Arabische nacht 1956
759.9492/BOSC Snyder, James Bosch in perspective. [1973].
759.9493/TUYM Tuymans, Luc, 1958- Luc Tuymans : the arena / c2003.
759.994/GUAN Dysart, Dinah King, Natalie, 1966- Hanru, Hou Guan Wei 2006
759.994/TILL Tillers, Imants, 1950- Imants Tillers : one world many visions / 2006.
759.994074/AMOR Amor, Rick Rick Amor : paintings 2006 2006
759.994074/KELL Kelly, John, 1965- John Kelly : Australian cultural product 2005
759.994074/KELL Kelly, John John Kelly : son of moonboy 2006
759.994074/WATK Watkins, Dick, 1937- Dick Watkins. New work 2005 2005
759.994074/WIND Von Witt, Kathleen The Windsor Group 2006
759.994291/STOU Stourton, Patrick Corbally Songlines and dreamings II 2000
760.28/AYRE Ayres, Julia Monotype : mediums and methods for painterly printmaking / 1991.
761.3/KAFK Kafka, Francis J. Linoleum block printing / [1972, c1955].
769.5/ROSS Rossi, Attilio, 1909- Posters / 1969.
769.91/UTAM Kondo, Ichitaro Kitagawa Utamaro 1956
769.92/POSA Posada, Jose Guadalupe, 1852-1913 Monografia : las obras de Jose Guadalupe Posada, grabados de Jose Guadalupe Posada con introduccion por Diego Rivera 2002
769.9953/EAST Eastburn, Melanie. Papua New Guinea prints / 2006.
770.5/CINT No. 1   C International photo magazine 2006
776/WAND Wands, Bruce. Art of the digital age / 2006.
779/CHEV Chevrier, Jean-Francois Click doubleclick : the documentary factor 2006
779.2/EWIN Ewing, William A. Face : the new photographic portrait 2006
843.914/WAEL Waelti-Walters, Jennifer Jeanne Hyvrard : theorist of the modern world 1996
940.253/OUTR Outram, Dorinda Panorama of the Enlightenment 2006
994.004991/ELDE Elder, Bruce. Blood on the wattle : massacres and maltreatment of Aboriginal Australians since 1788 / 2003.

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