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01 MAR 2007 TO 28 MAY 2007

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last updated 07 May 2007
GC/DYLA Heylin, Clinton Bob Dylan : Behind the shades : the biography - take two 2000
GC/IHIM Ihimaera, Witi, 1944- The whale rider 2002
GC/KREM Kremmer, Christopher The carpet wars 2002
GC/MOGG Moggach, Deborah Tulip fever 2000
GC/LI Li, Cunxin, 1961- Mao's last dancer / 2003.
GC/ORWE Orwell, George, 1903-1950 The collected essays, journalism and letters of George Orwell / c1968.
GC/ORWE Orwell, George, 1903-1950 Homage to Catalonia / 1989.
GC/ORWE Orwell, George, 1903-1950 Inside the whale and other essays / 1962.
GC/ROY Roy, Arundhati, 1946- The god of small things / 1998, c1997.
028.7/RIED Riedling, Ann Marlow, 1952- Learning to learn : a guide to becoming information literate in the 21st century / c2006.
111.85/DANT Danto, Arthur C. (Arthur Coleman), 1924- Beyond the brillo box : the visual arts in post-historical perspective / [1998], c1992.
193/NIET Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1844-1900 Thus spake Zarathustra 1960
194/DESC Descartes, Rene, 1596-1650 Meditations on first philosophy : with selections from the Objections and Replies 1986
305.42/OUTO Out of focus : writings on women and the media / 1987.
305.42/RUET Ruether, Rosemary Radford New woman new earth : sexist ideologies & human liberation 1975
305.4201/BUTL Kirby, Vicki. Judith Butler : live theory / c2006.
306.4/ELLM Ellmann, Maud, 1954- The hunger artists : starving, writing and imprisonment 1993
REFM 319.405/YEAR 2007 Year book Australia. 1978-.
327.73/CHOM Chomsky, Noam What Uncle Sam really wants 1992
330.9049/SAUL Saul, John Ralston, 1947- The collapse of globalism : and the reinvention of the world / 2006.
391.700959/VILL Villegas, Ramon N. Kayamanan : the Philippine jewelry tradition 1983
392.409942/NICH Nicholls, Christine, 1952- Yilpinji : love art & ceremony / 2006.
REFM 423/MACQ Macquarie dictionary / 2005.
REF 423/SHOR V.1 Shorter Oxford English dictionary on historical principles. 2002.
REF 423/SHOR V.2 Shorter Oxford English dictionary on historical principles. 2002.
621.092/LEON Pedretti, Carlo Leonardo : the machines 1999
S700.1/NORR Norris, Christopher, 1947- What is deconstruction? / 1988.
LLOD 700.5/NATI D127 Lewer, Richard Art Forum Series 2007
LLOD 700.5/NATI D107 Alexander, George Art Forum Series 2007
LLOD 700.5/NATI D108 Dreyfus, Ella Art Forum Series 2007
LLOD 700.5/NATI D106 Esson, Merran Art Forum Series 2007
700.749944/ZONE Zones of contact : 2006 Biennale of Sydney, a critical reader / 2006.
700.941/NEAD Nead, Lynda Myths of sexuality : representations of women in Victorian Britain. 1988.
LLOD 700.973092/WHOG D125 Rosen, Peter Who gets to call it art? c2005
701.15/FULL Fuller, Peter Art and psychoanalysis / 1980.
701.17/ROWL Rowland , Kurt F. Looking and seeing / part 3. The shapes we need. 1965.
701.17/VAND Van den Bosch, Annette. The Australian art world : aesthetics in a global market / 2005.
701.85/FEIS Feisner, Edith Anderson. Colour : how to use colour in art and design / 2006.
701.85/GAGE Gage, John, 1938- Color in art / 2006.
701.85/ITTE Itten, Johannes, 1888-1967. The art of color : the subjective experience and objective rationale of color / c1973.
702.02/WICK Wickiser, Ralph L. An introduction to art activities 1942
702.373/LONG Longson, Sally. Life after- art and design : a practical guide to life after your degree / 2006.
702.81/BODM Bodman, Sarah. Creating artists' books / 2005.
702.81/JOHN Johnson, Robert Flynn Artists' books in the Modern era 1870-2000 2002
704.042/CHAD Chadwick, Whitney Women, art, and society / c1990.
704.942/DOLL Doll 1999
704.946/KOCH Koch, Rudolf, 1876-1934 The book of signs : which contains all manner of symbols used from the earliest times to the Middle Ages by primitive peoples and early Christians / [1955?].
704.9482/BLAK 2006 The 55th Blake Prize for Religious Art 2006
706.8/GRAN Grant, Daniel. Selling art without galleries : toward making a living from your art / c2006.
709/HADJ Hadjinicolaou, Nicos, 1938- Art history and class struggle / 1978.
709.04/FUTR A tumultuous assembly : visual poems of the Italian futurists 2007
709.04/KRAU Krauss , Rosalind E. The originality of the avant-garde and other modernist myths / c1985.
709.04/LYNT Lynton, Norbert The story of modern art / 1989.
709.0407/FLAV Flavin, Dan, 1933- Dan Flavin 2006
709.04076/TUFN Tufnell, Ben Land art 2006
709.047/ATAD At a distance : precursors to art and activism on the Internet / c2005.
709.049/PLAC Places with a past : new site-specific art at Charleston's Spoleto Festival. c1991.
709.2/AYRE Gillian Ayres : painting and new works on paper c.2004
709.2/SWAL Swales, Jo Jo Swales : a selection of her art 2006
709.2/TEAK Wendy Teakel : Recent work, installations, paintings, drawings 2005
709.2/CULL Periz, Ingrid. Adam Cullen : scars last longer / 2004.
709.2/EMIN Brown, Neal Tracey Emin 2006
709.2/HEND Henderson, Glen Glen Henderson : selected projects 1995-2005 c.2005
709.2/LEON Kemp, Martin Leonardo da Vinci : experience, experiment and design 2006
709.2/LINC Kolenberg, Hendrik. Kevin Lincoln : art and life / c2006.
709.2/LYNC Lynch-Memory, Gemma, 1970- Douglas, Amelia Gemma Lynch-Memory : selected works from the last decade 2006
709.2/NOON Fahey, Johannah Clare. David Noonan before and now / 2004.
709.2/ROET Glass, Alexie. Lisa Roet : uncommon observations / 2004.
709.2/SWAL Paton, Justin. Ricky Swallow : field recordings / 2004.
709.2/WOLF Wolfe, Ross The Mystery of forgetting : an exhibition of recent work by Ross Wolfe, and with works from the Flinders University Art Museum collection selected by the artist / essay by Wendy Walker. 2005
709.377/WARD Ward-Perkins, J. B. (John Byran), 1912- Claridge, Amanda, 1949- Pompeii AD79 1976
709.39/THRA Thracian treasures from Bulgaria 1976
709.5/CLAR Clark, John. Eye of the beholder : reception, audience, and practice of modern Asian Art / 2006.
709.51/CHIN China contemporary : architectuur, kunst, beeldcultuur = architecture, art, visual culture 2006
709.94/ANDE Anderson, Patricia, 1950 (Mar. 17)- Art in Australia : debates, dollars & delusions / 2004.
709.94/SMIT Smith, Bernard, 1916- Two centuries of Australian art / 2003.
REF 709.94074/NATI HONS 2006 The Degree Show / 2001-
709.94/PITC Pitch your own tent : Art Projects / 2005.
709.94/TAYL Dufour, Gary, 1954- Howard Taylor phenomena / c2003.
709.94074/ACAF ACAF 2 : Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Melbourne, 21-24 June 1990. 1990
709.94074/BROW Brown, Lyndell Green, Charles Pound, Patrick Sanctuary and other island fables 2002
709.94074/LESL Leslie, Andrew Andrew Leslie, Trevor Richards, Jurek Wybraniec 2003
709.94074/SYDN Wale, Martin Sydney Harbour seldom scene 2007
709.9429/ISAA Isaacs, Jennifer Australia's living heritage : arts of the dreaming / 1984.
709.9429/OURM Our mob : a statewide celebration of regional and remote South Australian aboriginal artists. c2006.
LLOD 709.94291/TIMB D119 Timbery, Esme She sells seashells 2006
REF 720.288099/BUIL Building conservation in Australia / 1985.
RARE 720.9599/GALE Galende, Pedro G. Angels in stone : architecture of Augustinian churches in the Philippines 1987
REF 720.944/DUPA Dupain, Max, 1911-1992 Georgian architecture in Australia : with some examples of buildings of the post-Georgian period / 1973, c1963.
720.994/COX Cox, Philip, 1939- Australian colonial architecture / 1978.
720.994/FREE Freeland , J. M. (John Maxwell ), 1920- Architecture in Australia : a history / 1968.
720.994/SMIT Smith, Robin Australia's historic heritage : the birth of a nation / 1981.
REF 720.9944/LEAR Leary, Frank Colonial heritage: historic buildings of New South Wales / 1972.
721.0441/BAGL Baglin, Douglass, 1926- Sandstone Sydney / 1976.
REF 725.0994/HIST V.2 Australian Council of National Trusts Historic public buildings of Australia / 1971.
RARE RB 728.370959/ZIAL Zialcita, Fernando N. (Fernando Nakpil) Tinio, Martin I., Jr. Philippine ancestral houses (1810-1930) 1980
728.370994/IDEN Identifying Australian houses. 1981.
730.0973/CLAY Los Angeles County Museum of Art Clay today : contemporary ceramists and their work : a catalogue of the Howard and Gwen Laurie Smits Collection at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art / c1990.
730.92/MOOR Hedgecoe, John. A monumental vision : the sculpture of Henry Moore / 1998.
730.92/BASS Bass, Tom, 1916- Tom Bass : totem maker / 2006.
730.92/GREE Greeting [1997]
730.92/IVIM Ivimey, Linde Linde Ivimey : old souls ~ new work 2006
730.924/BORS L. Kovasznai, Viktoria Borsos Miklos 1989
DVD 730.994/BASS D112 Tom Bass 2007
LLOD 738.092/HAMA D126 Hamada, Shoji, 1894-1978 Shoji Hamada demonstrating at the National Art School 1965
738.092/REYN Reason, Robert. Gladys Reynell : the most delightful thing on earth / c2006.
738.0959/PERA Peralta, Jesus T. Kayamanan : pottery and ceramics from the Arturo de Santos collection 1982
738.0994/IMPR Australische Impressionen 2006
738.15/BOSW Bosworth, Joy. Ceramics with mixed media / 2006.
739.22/BRAY Bray, Warwick The gold of El Dorado / 1978.
741/DEZE d.104 De Zegher, Catherine, What drawing may be 2007
741.01/DRAW Drawing : the future : a symposium / [2006].
741.018/MATT Mattesi, Michael D. Force : dynamic life drawing for animators / c2006.
741.092/MAUG Maughan, Jocelyn. The draughtsman's contract : the works of Jocelyn Maughan. 1998.
741.092/MAUG Maughan, Jocelyn. Genre : the significance of the insignificant : drawings and paintings of everyday life / 2004.
741.092/NAHU Master drawings : Peter Nahum at the Leicester Galleries 2006
741.092/TAYL Taylor, Anita, 1961- A mon suel desir : reveries and other series 2007
741.092/THOM Thomas, Paul Myths Down Under 2006
REFM 741.092/LEWE Lewer, Richard Dyer, Katie Richard Lewer : It starts as an idle thought grows into an obsession 2007
741.092/MONE Ganz, James A. The unknown Monet : pastels and drawings / c2007.
741.092/SENB Senbergs, Jan, 1939- Jan Senbergs Drawing 2006
741.092/THOM Thomas, Paul Myths Down Under 2006
741.9242/VITA Vitamin D : new perspectives in drawing / 2005.
741.994/KOLE Kolenberg, Hendrik. The Dobell prize for drawing : 1993-2004 / [2004].
741.64/HOLD Holden, Robert Koalas, kangaroos and kookaburras : 200 Australian children's books and illustrations: 1857-1988 / [1988].
741.941/JERW Drawing Breath : Ten years of the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2006
741.945/ITAL Ashmolean Museum Italian drawings of the eighteenth century in the Ashmolean Museum 1954
742/METZ V.2 Metzger, Philip W., 1931- Perspective without pain / c1991.
743.42/THOM Thomas, Joy, 1958- The art of portrait drawing / c2006.
743.4/SZUN Szunyoghy, Andras, 1946- Anatomy drawing school : human, animal, comparative anatomy / c2006.
745.409024/RENA Renaissance patterns 2005
750.74/TATE Private views : works from the collections of twenty Friends of the Tate Gallery : 18th April-19th May 1963 at the Tate Gallery 1963
RARE RB 751/LITT Littlejohns, J. British water-colour painting and painters of to-day 1931
751.73/BANK Banksy. Wall and piece / 2006.
751.730994/LUNN Lunn, Matthew James. Street art uncut / 2006.
757.90994/DOUG 2007 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize
759/ONET 1001 paintings you must see before you die / c2006.
759/GREE Greer, Germaine, 1939- The obstacle race : the fortunes of women painters and their work / 1979.
759.050749/EURO National Gallery of Victoria. European paintings of the 19th and early 20th centuries in the National Gallery of Victoria / c1995.
759.06/VITA Vitamin P : new perspectives in painting / 2002.
759.06/WOLF Wolfe, Tom, 1931- The painted word / c1975.
759.13/SCUL Carrier, David Sean Scully 2006
759.13/JENK Jenkins, Paul Paul Jenkins : paintings 1954-1960 2005
LLOD 759.13/WHIS D113 Manson, David Lowe, Lara Whistler 2000
LLOD 759.2/OLIF D124 Chris Ofili 2004
759.2/BRAN Brangwyn, Frank, Sir, 1867-1956 Famous water-colour painters. I. Frank Brangwyn / 1928.
759.2/FLIN Flint, W. Russell. Sandilands, G. S. Famous water-colour painters : W.Russell Flint 1928
RARE 759.391/POGA Pogany, Gabor O. 19th century Hungarian painting 1956
RARE 759.391/POGA Pogany, Gabor O. Hungarian painting in the twentieth century 1960
DVD 759.3/RICH D105 Fox, Gerald Gerhard Richter: forty years of painting 2003
LLOD 759.5/MICH D118 Dunn, Tim The Divine Michelangelo 2004
759.6/PICA O'Brian, Patrick, 1914- Picasso : a biography / 1989, c1976.
S759.6/GOYA Hughes, Robert, 1938- Goya / c2003.
759.7/RIAB Riabushkin, Andrei Petrovich, 1861-1904 Andrei Riabushkin / c1986.
LLOD 759.81/MUNC D116 Edvard Munch. Part one [200-?].
LLOD 759.81/MUNC D117 Edvard Munch. Part two [200-?].
759.9423/FLEU A Fleurieu heritage : Kathleen Sauerbier and Horace Trenerry 1998
DVD 759.9492/BOSC D114 Edwards, Eric Bosch 2000
759.9492/COLL Mojzer, Miklos Dutch genre paintings 1967
DVD 759.9493/BRUE D115 Edwards, Eric Bruegel 2000
759.9492/PRIE Priem, Ruud Dutch masters : from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam 2005
759.9599/BLAN Guillermo, Alice Blanco 1987
759.972/RIVE Kettenmann, Andrea. Diego Rivera, 1886-1957 : a revolutionary spirit in modern art / c2000.
759.993/MCCA Hillary, Susan Morgan, Kendrah Beneath the surface : McCahon's materials and techniques 1954 - 66 2000
759.994/COLL/LANE Lane, Terence, 1946- Australian impressionism / 2007.
759.994/CROW Taylor, Elena. Grace Crowley : being modern / 2006.
759.994/STRE Smith, Geoffrey, 1969- Arthur Streeton, 1867-1943 / c1995.
759.994/WILL Fred Williams
759.994/WILL Grant, Kirsty. Fred Williams : The Pilbara series / 2002.
759.994/BLAC Smith, Geoffrey, 1969- Charles Blackman : Alice in Wonderland / 2006.
759.994/DAVI Brett, Guy. Juan Davila / 2006.
LLOD 759.994/PAIN Episode 4 D123 Painting Australia 2007
LLOD 759.994/PAIN Episode 1 D120 Painting Australia 2007
759.994/SERI Serisier, David David Serisier 2007 2007
759.994074/FRAZ Frazer, Neil, 1961- Neil Frazer : second nature 2005
759.994074/GLEE Gleeson, James James Gleeson : Eden adjusted by climate change 2006
759.994074/IGGU Iggulden, Annette Descant : unlocked tongues 2006
759.994074/JONE Jones, Alan Alan Jones [2006]
759.994074/MCKE McKenna, Noel Noel McKenna 2005
759.994074/MCKE McKenna, Noel Noel McKenna : Australia II, including The Queensland Room 2004
759.994074/MCKE McKenna, Noel Noel McKenna : Found and Lost 2001
759.994074/MCKE McKenna, Noel Noel McKenna : Welcome to Done Place 1996
759.994074/MCKE McKenna, Noel Noel McKenna Australia 2003
759.994074/NEUE Gregg, Simon Nueuromantics 2005
759.994074/SHAP Knights, Mary Swann, Heather B. The shape of air 2002
759.994074/SHER Sherman Galleries Sherman, Ondine Voiceless : I feel therefore I am 2007
759.994074/SULL Sullivan + Strumpf Fine Art 2005
759.994074/WIND Von Witt, Kathleen The Windsor Group 2006
759.994079/ARCH Archibald prize 2007 2007
759.994074/DAWE Dawes, Debra Debra Dawes : Everydaynow 2005
759.994074/FROS Frost, Joe Joe Frost : Cityscapes, portraits & still lifes 2007
759.994074/HARV Harvey, Steven Steven Harvey : Australian limbo 2007
759.994074/MAGU Maguire, Tim, 1958- Tim Maguire : New paintings and digital pigment prints 2007
759.994074/MCKE McKenzie, Alexander Alexander McKenzie : Inner shore 2007
759.994074/SAMS 2007 Samstag : The Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarships
759.994074/SAMS 2006 Samstag : The Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarships
759.994074/SAMS 2003 Samstag : The Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarships
759.994074/SAMS 2005 Samstag : The Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarships
S759.994074/CHRI Christmann, Jenny, 1928- Axion Jenny 2006 : works by, from and for Jenny + Gunter Christmann : 27 May - 22 June 2006, Liverpool Street Gallery, Sydney, in association with Niagara Galleries, Melbourne. 2006.
759.994074/STEW Janet Cumbrae Stewart : the perfect touch 2003
759.994074/SULL 2006 : Sullivan + Strumpf Fine Art 2006
759.994291/DIRR Porzio, Francesco Dirrmu : Dipinti aborigeni per una collezione 2006
759.994291/RYAN Ryan, Judith. LandMarks / 2006.
759.997074/ARCH Archer, Suzanne Horsepower : Suzanne Archer 2004
759.994291/MALA Malangi, David. No ordinary place : the art of David Malangi / 2004.
759.99442/VIEW View of Maitland from the riverbank (with apologies to Jan Vermeer and View of Delft) : 1 July - 20 August 2006, Maitland Regional Art Gallery / 2006.
759.995/OMIE Omie : the barkcloth art of Omie 2006
760/NEW New, Jennifer. Drawing from life : the journal as art / c2005.
763/NEWE Newell, Jackie. Monoprinting / 2006.
769.09045/CAST Castleman, Riva. Contemporary prints / 1973.
769.904/CAST Castleman, Riva Prints of the twentieth century / c1988.
770.92074/MORA 2007 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize 2007
808.0663/ROBS Robson, Colin. How to do a research project : a guide for undergraduate students / c2007.
808.0667/DALL D'Alleva, Anne. How to write art history / 2006.
909.08/PARR Parry , J. H. (John Horace ), 1914- Europe and a wider world 1415-1715 / 1966.
909.07/TATE Tate, Georges. The crusades and the Holy Land / 1996.
909.8203/PALM Palmer, Alan, 1926- The Penguin dictionary of twentieth-century history / 1992.
913.31/GENI Royal Academy of Arts (Great Britain) The genius of China : an exhibition of archeological finds of the People's Republic of China held at the Royal Academy, London 1972
915.042/KORE 1904 : Korea through Austrlian eyes 2004
940.07/JONE Jones, Peter The 1848 revolutions / 1981.
940.28/COWI Cowie, Leonard W. (Leonard Wallace), 1919- Years of nationalism : European history 1815-1890 / 1985.
940.3/JOHN Johnston, Susan Experiences of the Great War 1914-1918 : a documentary resource book for senior students / 1987.
942.05 PORT Porter, Roy, 1946- Disease, medicine and society in England, 1550-1860 / 1987.
944.06/RAND Randell, Keith. France : monarchy, republic and empire, 1814-70 / 1991, c1986.
947/KOCH Kochan, Lionel, 1922- The making of modern Russia / 1990.
947.07/CHRI Christian, David Power and privilege : Russia and the Soviet Union in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries / 1986.
994/COLE Coleman , Peter , 1928- Cartoons of Australian history / [1967].
REF 994.41/SIMP Simpson, Margaret, 1955- Old Sydney buildings : a social history / 1995.
REFM Thesis ENGL Englund, Ivan The application of igneous rocks of the Illawarra region to stonewarer glazes in studio pottery 1962
REFM Thesis LITT Little, J. Elizabeth Bedrooms and bookplates : the designs of Eirene Mort 2005
REFM Thesis BURN Burns, Midori Optical illusions and the intelligent eye 2006
REFM Thesis FINN Finn, Lawrence S. Origins of irrelevance : the fine arts in Australia 2006
REFM Thesis HEAT Heaton, Joshua Lee Refining large vessels : encountering the controversy between the art object and the container form 2006
REFM Thesis ROSE Roseth, Michael Three hundred and sixty degrees of separation 2006
REFM Thesis SINC Sinclair, Daphne Tracking memory 2006
REFM Thesis DEIR Deirmendjian, Gary A wrestling with art - monumental expressions

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