New DVDs

Art from the Arctic
A group of 20 artists, scientists and educators travel to the remote and beautiful Arctic island of Spitzbergen to exchange ideas and plot ways of communicating to the wider world, concerns about the environment and climate change. The diverse gathering on this Cape Farewell expedition include highly respected names in the fields of writing, video, sculpture, choreography, photography and music and their work there is a stunning statement on the anxieties about global warming. Their art speaks of the environment and the threat human behaviour poses to its stability.

Vivenne Westwood: Do it Yourself!
An up close and personal look at the life and work of the iconic British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. The film looks beyond her eccentricity and desire for shock value, examining what drives and influences her to create the quirky and original pieces which have made her reputation.
Acclaimed as the designer most responsible for bringing punk and other anti-establishment forms of fashion into the mainstream, Westwood rose to prominence in the late 1970s as bands such as the Sex Pistols (who wore her designs) stormed the charts.
Still active today, with a shop in London and other interests, this program mixes exclusive footage of Westwood with archive clips to tell her story (including her complex relationship with her younger husband and 'creative associate') and those of the subcultures she helped popularise. (Documentary) M (60 min.)

Hidden History
Brook Andrew is an Australian artist with indigenous Australian heritage on his mother's side. He embarks on a controversial project to unearth 'hidden' photographs depicting the trauma and debasement of indigenous Australians by early settlers, and then using them in his artwork. It's an emotional and difficult process culminating in exhibitions across Australia which are viewed with varying appreciative and critical responses.

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