THE WILLIAM FLETCHER Teritary Grants 2012 for talented young artistsClosing date - 30 April 2012

The William Fletcher Trust (now the William Fletcher Foundation) was established in 1985 to celebrate the life and to commemorate the work of William Ernest Maurice Fletcher (1924-1983), painter and printmaker, whose integrity as an artist was not compromised by his material difficulties and lifetime fight with cardiac asthma. The William Fletcher Grants are awarded annually to outstanding young visual arts students who demonstrate excellence in painting, drawing, printmaking, illustration or stage design.

Click here for a download of the information details and application forms. Both contain more detailed eligibilty criteria, and procedural instructions.

Eligibility and Conditions for Grant Applications: You are eligible to apply for a Grant, if you are a student:who is an Australian citizen; and who is enrolled in final year (Year 3 of a Pass degree, or Year 4 of an Honours degree) at one of the eligible institutions and whose major study includes at least one of the following five disciplines: painting; drawing; printmaking; illustration; stage design (set and costume); and who applies for a William Fletcher Foundation (WFF) Grant by the closing date 30 April 2012 eligible tertiary institutions will opt to be involved in the assessment of Studio Practice achievement on campus.

Students should submit the application form and additional requirements, by 30 April 2012:
by email to OR by ordinary mail to
to Secretary, William Fletcher Foundation, P.O. Box 172, Lane Cove NSW 1595

Applicants need to nominate in which one of their majors, they are applying for a Grant. This has to be one of the five eligible studio disciplines (painting, drawing, printmaking, illustration, stage (set and costume) design).

Talent in the nominated discipline will be rated from the PowePpoint images supplied by the applicant and by assessment of studio work on campus.
Applicants need to give evidence both of financial hardship (by answering the relevant parts of the Application Form), and of achievement (by supplying photocopies of academic transcripts for all previous years).
All information supplied is considered with the strictest confidence.
All institutions have opted for this procedure and have nominated a member of staff to be the contact person who will help students, if necessary.

Contact persons for the William Fletcher Foundation Grants Institution
Contacts 2012: National Art School John Bloomfield co-ordinator undergraduate studies