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New DVDs in August

The Century of Cartier Bresson
Few have revolutionised photography as much as French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. His inventive work of the early 1930s helped define the creative potential of modern photography, and influenced generations of photographers. In this documentary, Henri narrates the crucial moments of his life, such as his meeting with Ghandi, while his prints illustrate his work. (in French and English) 

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779.092/CART D62

Cybele @ NAS : the Artist as Muse. Art Forum
Cybele Rowe is a ceramic artist in residence at National Art School. An Australian who has explored the world and now resides Southern California. Cybele has always challenged the rules of clay and is known for her large, colourful and expressive works.
She states. “As a sculptor I feel really unencumbered and carefree in my present medium. There is very little that the medium of clay restricts in the building sense. The clay's fluidity is immediately responsive to my thought. The colour and texture I can achieve within my kiln, is the only endless colour pallet available to an artist. Heat creates colour and permanence, an alchemical magic that allows the work to mutate into its own entity, gaining its independence after my hands have finished with the raw unfired process.” After more than twenty years in "the making" my work as a female, differing in aesthetics, interests and devotion to my male peers, has evolved to where my 'style' is my ability to view each work as a new "egg." It’s about asking the questions that then create the artwork which then allows the dialogue which then leads to the opportunity for me the artist and you the viewer to be bound with a memory whilst revolving throughout life.” - Text and Image from NAS website

700.5/NATI ROWE D26

A Life Exposed. Robyn Beeche
"In the 1980's, Australian-born photographer Robyn Beeche captured the energetic gender-bending era of identity exploration in London. She created many iconic images - from Visage's Fade to Grey album cover, to the "puritan" image which inspired David Bowie's Ashes to Ashes film clip ? and was celebrated for her ground-breaking, pre-Photoshop photographs of painted bodies through collaborations with counter-culture personalities Zandra Rhodes, Vivienne Westwood, Leigh Bowery and Divine. Then, at the peak of her career, Beeche's life was transformed when she experienced the Indian colour-throwing festival of Holi. In India she found the living embodiment of the highly stylised and constructed photographs she had been making. "Drawn like a magnet", she gave up her high-flying career for the life-changing move to the Indian pilgrimage town of Vrindavan. Twenty five years later, she continues to document the area's vibrant traditions as spiritual service, and her extraordinary archive is prized by international scholars. Passionate, active and articulate, 67-year-old Beeche continues to function as a spiritually-motivated visual anthropologist, documenting rituals that are rapidly changing due to modernisation and creating a body of photographs that are both unique and beautiful"--ABC Arts website.

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779.092/BEEC D63

Isidro Blasco @ NAS: Artist in Residence. Art Forum
2013 NAS artist in resident, Isidro Blasco discusses his work and installations that he has been creating over the last seven weeks in Sydney for the upcoming exhibition at the Dominik Mersch Gallery. Isidro was born in Madrid in 1962 and has lived in New York since 1996. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts and he is a Candidate for a Ph.D. at the "Architectural School of Madrid".
Isidro has been a sculptor in residence at the Spanish Academy in Rome in 1991 and the recipient of the Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant in 1998 and 2010 and of the Guggenheim Foundation fellowship in Visual Arts in 2000.His works are in many collections including; The Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Tweed Museum of Art, and the Chicago Institute of Contemporary Art.

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700.5/NATI ISID D693

Colour Theory. 8 Episodes
Hosted by artist Richard Bell, this series features works in a variety of media, including painting on bark and canvas, sculpture, textiles, weaving, new media, photo media, printmaking installation, dance and music. Shot on location in the many beautiful and varied places around Australia, Each half hour episode will explore the Artist's affiliation with their Gallery or Art Centre, their connection to their country and how their culture inspires their modern form of art.
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709.94/COLO D692

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