Thursday, 12 September 2013

New Books in the Library

The following titles will be on display in the library from 12th Sept to 26th Sept 2013. If you would like to borrow any of them please ask the library staff to place a hold on the item for you.

Clyfford Still

Clyfford Still 1904-1980: The Buffalo and San Francisco Collections (Art & Design): Michael Auping


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Published on the occasion of the exhibition "Clyfford Still: The Buffalo and San Francisco Collections" held at the Kunsthalle, Basel January 26- March 22, 1992.

Baroque & Rococo

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"Baroque and Rococo' is a perfect detailed introduction to two styles of art, architecture and expression that bridged the Renaissance with the Enlightenment period. 'Baroque and Rococo' explores the key artists and works of the period..."

Various Small Books: Referencing Various Small Books by Ed Ruscha


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"In the 1960s and 1970s, the artist Ed Ruscha created a series of small photo-conceptual artist's books, among them Twentysix Gas Stations, Various Small Fires, Every Building on the Sunset Strip, Thirtyfour Parking Lots, Real Estate Opportunities, and A Few Palm Trees. Featuring mundane subjects photographed prosaically, with idiosyncratically deadpan titles, these "small books" were sought after, collected, and loved by Ruscha's fans and fellow artists."

The Visual Culture Reader



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"Ten years after the last edition, this thoroughly revised and updated third edition of The Visual Culture Reader highlights the transformed and expanded nature of globalized visual cultures. It assembles key new writings, visual essays and specially commissioned articles, emphasizing the intersections of the Web 2.0, digital cultures, globalization, visual arts and media, and the visualizations of war."

Why Art Photography?

9780415577342: Why Art Photography?


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"Contemporary art photography is paradoxical. Anyone can look at it and form an opinion about what they see, yet it represents critical positions that only a small minority of well-informed viewers can usually access."

Rachel Howard

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The Sculpture of Margel Hinder


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