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New Books on Display

The following titles will be on display from Thursday 27th March until Thursday 3rd April. If you would like to put a hold on any of these books please ask the library staff for assistance.

Kitaj Prints: A Catalogue Raisonne
9780714126852: Kitaj Prints: A Catalogue Raisonne
Image and text taken from
"American-born artist R.B. Kitaj (1932-2007) was one of the most controversial artists of the second-half of the twentieth century. His distinctive, highly personal and often challenging works drew on many influences ranging from literature to politics and film."

Gold and the Incas: Lost Worlds of Peru

Image and text taken from
"Gold and the Incas reveals the splendor of ancient pre-Hispanic cultures of Peru featuring art made of gold, silver, turquoise, shell, stone, textile, and ceramic. More than 200 objects are covered, showing the aesthetic depth, drama, and beauty of the famous Incan empire and its predecessors. As well as deities, lively depictions of animals, birds, and fish decorate the works."

Art and Ethics in a Material World
9780415504522: Art and Ethics in a Material World : Kant̢۪s Pragmatist Legacy
Image and text taken from
"In this book, McMahon argues that a reading of Kant’s body of work in the light of a pragmatist theory of meaning and language (which arguably is a Kantian legacy) leads one to put community reception ahead of individual reception in the order of aesthetic relations. A core premise of the book is that neo-pragmatism draws attention to an otherwise overlooked aspect of Kant’s "Critique of Aesthetic Judgement," and this is the conception of community which it sets forth."

Ron Mueck

Image and text taken from
"This book is published to accompany the major exhibition showing at the Fondation Cartier pour lart contemporain, Paris, from 16 April to 29 September 2013. Ron Mueck is creating three new works for the exhibition, which will be shown alongside with five other significant sculptures. This catalogue is the definitive reference book on Ron Muecks sculptures over twenty years of work. It features photos of his emblematic works, some of which have never been published before, and includes spectacular exhibition views of the new works presented at the Fondation Cartier. Analytical texts by Robert Storr and Justin Paton explore his work from the perspective of classical and modern art history, and invite readers to discover Ron Muecks intimate universe."

Photography: History and Theory
Photography: History and Theory
Image and text taken from
"Photography: History and Theory introduces students to both the history of photography and critical theory. From its inception in the nineteenth century, photography has instigated a series of theoretical debates. In this new text, Jae Emerling therefore argues that the most insightful way to approach the histories of photography is to address simultaneously the key events of photographic history alongside the theoretical discourse that accompanied them."

Art of Wonder: A History of Seeing
9783791331508: The Art of Wonder: A History of Seeing
Image and text taken from
"Destined to become an indispensable classic, this fresh and invigorating guide to appreciating the world's art encourages readers to trust their own instincts, tastes, eyes and experiences."

The Age of Collage: Contemporary Collage in Modern Art
Image taken from

Friday, 21 March 2014

More Art Prizes for March

Albany Art Prize, Cliftons Art Prize, The Black Swan Prize, Paul Guest Prize, Percival Portrait Painting Prize, The Churchie National Emerging Art Prize

Albany Art Prize
2014 City of Albany Art Prize
7 September – 12 October 2014 – Albany Town Hall
A national, acquisitive prize for painting
The City of Albany Art Prize is open to living Artists working in Australia and features a $25,000 major acquisitive prize as well as a range of non-acquisitive awards. The major acquisitive prize also includes a 4 week studio residency in a self-contained cottage at the Vancouver Arts Centre in Albany with $2,500 for associated expenses.
Held at the historic Town Hall in the centre of Albany, The City of Albany Art Prize plays an important role in the cultural and economic development of the Great Southern region in Western Australia. The Prize is integral to the ongoing development of the City’s already sizeable Art Collection via the major acquisitive prize, which is sponsored by The Jack Family Charitable Trust.
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Major Acquisitive Prize
$25,000 plus a four week studio residency with $2,500 for expenses Sponsored by the Jack Family Charitable Trust
Commendation Award
$2,500 cash (non-acquisitive) Sponsored by the Jack Family Charitable Trust  
People’s Choice Award
$2,500 cash (non-acquisitive)
Important dates
Call for Entries: 24 February – 19 May 2014 
Finalists announced: 30 June 2014
Winners announced: 6 September 2014

Exhibition: 7 September – 12 October 2014

About Cliftons Art Prize
Started in 2001, Cliftons Art Prize is an annual competition that helps raise the profiles of local emerging artists and encourages corporate patronage of the arts. At Cliftons, we believe visually stimulating environments enrich the learning experience. With a long standing commitment to visual arts, we are proud to host Cliftons Art Prize for another year.
Every year, local artists across Asia Pacific are encouraged to enter the online competition with a submission of their artwork. Entry is FREE. Entries are reviewed by independent and accomplished judges, who bring a wealth of experience to the art scene. Once finalists are selected, Cliftons will host a four week exhibition at each venue to showcase the finalists’ artworks.  
The competition concludes with an awards evening, where a local artist at each Cliftons location will receive an award of AUD$2,000. Winners will automatically be shortlisted for the coveted Cliftons Art Prize, an award of AUD$10,000.
Cliftons Art Prize celebrates excellence in art communities across Asia Pacific. We look forward to seeing the submissions exhibited at our Cliftons venues in 2014.
Click here to view the 2014 Cliftons Art Prize brochure pack:

WELCOME To The 2014 Black Swan Prize
The 2014 Black Swan Prize features one of Australia's richest Portraiture Prizes (with a $50,000 1st Prize) and a newly instigated Heritage Prize ($20,000).
Held in the heart of Perth, Western Australia, the Black Swan Prize proudly showcases and promotes Australia's top artists.
Click here to enter the$50,000 Portraiture Prize.
Click here to enter the$20,000 Heritage Prize.

Paul Guest Prize
‘My abiding and passionate interest in art commenced several decades ago and from those early beginnings I was introduced to contemporary art in a holistic way which ran parallel to my professional career. I appreciate that the journey for artists is, at times, a demanding and tortuous one and I trust that in some small way I have and will continue to assist them to achieve their full potential.’
Paul Guest
The Paul Guest Prize is a non-acquisitive cash prize of $12,000 which is held every two years, highlighting contemporary drawing practice in Australia. The Prize was initiated by former Family Court Judge and Olympic rower, the Honourable Paul Guest QC and encourages artists from across Australia to engage with the important medium of drawing and to create challenging and unique art works.
42 View Street, Bendigo, VIC 3550
T (+61 3) 5434 6088
F (+61 3) 5443 6586

Percival Portrait Painting Prize 2014
Entries Invited
Entries are now invited for the Percival Portrait Painting Prize 2014. The much-anticipated biennial prize exhibition, which was first held in 2007, attracts a significant number of entries from all corners of the nation and promotes the pursuit of excellence within the genre. The Percival Portrait Painting Prize 2014 offers a $40,000 major acquisitive prize, with the winning work entering the City of Townsville Art Collection to be appreciated by future generations in perpetuity.
One of the most significant developments in the exhibition's short history is also set to take place in 2014, with the introduction of theDUO Magazine Percival Photographic Portrait Prize 2014 to be staged at Pinnacles Gallery to coincide with the Percival Portrait Painting Prize 2014. For more information about this new exhibition or to find out how to enter, click follow the links to Pinnacles Gallery.
Deadline for entries
Friday 28 March

The Churchie National Emerging Art Prize

Brand & Slater Architects
$15,000 prize money , non-acquisitive
Entries close 12th May 2014

Thursday, 20 March 2014

New Books in the Library

The following titles will be on display in the library for one week from Thursday 27/3/14 - 3/4/14. If you would like to place holds on any of these items please see the library staff for assistance.

Australian Art: A History
Australian Art: A History
Image and text taken from
'Grishin presents a story that is multilayered in its complexity and detaila [His book] at once broadens the scope of our national art and draws together these diverse strands into a compelling narrative. Above all it is a lively and insightful account of the diversity and richness of artistic endeavour of this country.' 

Roni Horn: 153 Drawings
Roni Horn: 153 Drawings: Briony Fer
Image and text taken from
741.092/ HORN
"153 Drawings presents for the first time a comprehensive selection of Horns drawings, ranging from the artists initial work with pigment to geometrically collaged works and extremely complex more recent drawings. This publication includes essays by British artist Tacita Dean and Briony Fer."

Meret Oppenheim: Retrospektive
Exhibition poster “Meret Oppenheim. Retrospective”
Image and text taken from
"Berlin is dedicating a first major retrospective to Meret Oppenheim to mark the centenary of the famous artist's birth here on 6 October 2013. The playful and humorous treatment of everyday materials, conveyed with constantly new connotations, is a special feature of Oppenheim’s artistic works and links her to her artist friends whose company included Max Ernst, Alberto Giacometti, Hans Arp and Man Ray."

Ugly: The Aesthetics of Everything

Image and text taken from
" What is ugly? One of the leading cultural commentators of our time, Stephen Bayley, takes us on a journey of discovery by skilfully weaving centuries of art and design history into a discourse on the nature of beauty and its polar opposite, ugly."

Munch/Warhol and the multiple image

Image and text taken from
"Edvard Munch (1863-1944) and Andy Warhol (1928-1987), two of the most prolific and inventive printmakers of the twentieth century, are brought together in this volume, which examines four lithographic series Munch produced at the turn of the century--"The Scream," "Madonna," "The Brooch. Eva Mudocci" and "Self-Portrait with Skeleton Arm"--and a little-known but extraordinary series of unpublished silkscreens created by Warhol in 1984 that appropriate and re-envision Munch's motifs."

Wait, Later This Will be Nothing

Image and text taken from
"Dieter Roth's wildly inventive artistic practice encompassed everything from painting and sculpture to film and video, but it is arguably through his editioned works--books, prints and multiples--that he made his most important and radical contributions. These experiments include literature sausages filled with ground-up books, newspapers or magazines in place of meat; the use of organic materials like pudding or fruit juice in lieu of printing inks; multiples of plastic toys mired in chocolate; and a dazzling array of variations on printed postcards."

9781740669498: Oculi
Image and text taken from
"This stunning anthology of 250 photographs marks 10 years since the formation of the acclaimed Oculi photographic collective. From apocalyptic representations of drought and fire-ravaged landscapes to intimate yet haunting portraits of young parenthood, Oculi's 10 multi-award 
winning photographers vividly explore the intersection of the human condition and the urban and rural Environment in Australia and beyond."

Thursday, 13 March 2014

New DVDs in March

Dogs in Space
One of my favourite Australian films. Set against the backdrop of Melbourne's late 70s punk rock scene, Dogs in Space chronicles life in a chaotic, squalid share house. Hippies, addicts, students and radicals fill their days and nights with sex, drugs, parties and television. A series of chaotic vignettes are balanced with the central romance between Sam (Michael Hutchence), the lead singer of the band, Dogs in Space and his lover Anna (Saskia Post) as the house spirals out of control.--ABC TV
image from
791.43/DOGS D731

The Man Who Shot Beautiful Women
Documentary telling the gripping and shocking story of photographer Erwin Blumenfeld, who survived two world wars to become one of the world's most highly paid fashion photographers and a key influence on the development of photography as an art form. Yet after a mysterious death in Rome in 1969 his name is little known today, the reasons for which lie in his unconventional lifestyle.--BBC 4
image from
779.092/BLUM D730

The Human Camera
Stephen Wiltshire is a 33-year-old autistic man with an extraordinary talent. Facing one of his greatest challenges yet - to draw solely from memory a four-metre-long panorama of London based on a 15-minute helicopter ride.--ABC TV
Episode imageimage from
741.092/WILT D732

William Yang's Friends Of Dorothy
William Yang's story is set against a backdrop of the Mardi Gras, which began as a protest in 1978. Mardi Gras is still a vibrant celebration, famous around the world, and now bringing together the different generations.--ABC
Episode imageimage from
779.092/YANG D734

Lyle Tuttle in conversation with Leslie Rice @ NAS. Art Forum
Lyle Tuttle, American tattoo artist is widely considered the father of modern tattooing. He began tattooing in Los Angeles' notorious Pike in 1949, and in San Francisco during the counter-culture in the 1960's. Counting amongst his clients the likes of Janis Joplin, Cher, Peter Fonda and the Allman Brothers, Lyle graced the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in October of 1970. He is an historian and an avid collector of tattoo paraphernalia. In 2014 at age 82, Tuttle tattooed in Antarctica to become the first person to do so on all seven continents.
Leslie Rice, painter, tattoo artist and lecturer in painting at the National Art School will lead a discussion with Lyle Tuttle about the history of tattooing, his life and career, and the relationship between tattooing and Fine Art.
image from
700.5/NAS TUTT D735
700.5/NAS TUTT D736

New Books March 2014

The following titles will be on display for one week in the library from 13/3/14 - 20/3/14. If you like to request any of these items please ask the library staff for assistance.

Ailan currents: contemporary printmaking from the Torres Strait
9780980340204: Ailan Currents: Contemporary Printmaking From the Torres Strait
Text and image from
"This book includes the work of  Joey Laifoo, Billy Missi, Dennis Nona, Brian Robinson, Joel Sam, Leroy Alua Savage, Alick Tipoti"

Outlaw representation: censorship and homosexuality in twentieth century American art

"From the U.S. Navy's 1934 confiscation of a painting of sailors on shore leave to contemporary culture wars over funding for the arts, conflicts surrounding homosexuality and creative freedom have shaped the history of modern art in America."

Paper Works
Paper Works

The art of walking: a field guide
9781907317873: The Art of Walking: A Field Guide
"The Art of Walking: A Field Guide is a unique look at walking as a mode of artistic practice and is the first book to explore this fascinating subject of how walking can be used as an artistic medium."

The paintings of Steven Campbell
"Steven Campbell emerged as one of the young Glasgow school of artists and his international reputation was established while working in New York in the mid 1980s. The first comprehensive monograph on a most original narrative artist whose work, which includes surreal elements, comments on man in the modern world. Published in conjunction with a major exhibition of the artist's work held at The Talbot Rice Gallery during the Edinburgh Festival and subsequently in London, jointly at the Marlborough Gallery and the South London Art Centre in 1993. "

Contemporary art in the United Kingdom
"Diverse in content and style, Contemporary Art in the United Kingdom features work from artists including, Gavin Turk, Tracey Emin, Fiona Banner, Bob and Roberta Smith, Chris Ofili and Mark Quinn, alongside the work of emerging British artists today"

Infinite place: the ceramic art of Wayne Higby

Monday, 10 March 2014

Learn about JSTOR & State Library of NSW Databases

·    What is JSTOR & the State Library databases?

·    How can they help you write better essays?

·    Have you tried the new Beta Search facility on JSTOR?

·    Do you have trouble finding the information you want?

Come to a lunchtime session in the Black Theatre to find out more.


Thurs 20th March 12 – 1pm

Mon  24th March  12.30 - 1.30pm.

SLNSW Databases

Mon  31st  March  1 – 2pm

      Thurs 10th  April 12:30 – 1:30pm

Please register beforehand at the front desk of the library for a session that suits you.

Friday, 7 March 2014

March Art Prizes

Letherbridge 10 000 Small-Scale Art Award, Head On Photo Award, Gallipoli Art Prize, Hunters Hill Art Exhibition

Letherbridge 10 000 Small-Scale Art Award
The Letherbridge Gallery has established a strong reputation for exhibiting works demonstrating exceptional detail and creativity. With the intention of fostering the next generation of artists, Lethbridge Gallery initiated the Lethbridge 10000

Now in its fifth year, this exciting art competition is open to national and international artists for small-scale artworks. Entrants may submit paintings, drawings, photographs and all 2D artworks up to 61cm (24 inches) in any direction. The judging is based on three equally evaluated criteria of creativity, originality and skill with $10 000 awarded to the winner.

Entries close: 2 May 2014


Head On Photo Awards 2014

Prizes will be awarded for the best 3 works in each category.
The selection of images will be done anonymously based on the power of the image rather than the celebrity of the subject or photo-artist. 
Total value of prizes is approx $50,000.
The 2014 festival will feature exhibitions, events, education & public debate
12 May – 8 June 2014
https: //



The Gallipoli Art Prize Organising Committee invites any eligible artist (see entry conditions below)
to submit a painting for the Gallipoli Art Prize, which will be administered by the Gallipoli
Memorial Club Limited (hereafter referred to as the Club) and under the control of the Gallipoli Art
Prize Organizing Committee.

Prize money of $20,000 is awarded to the artist of the winning entry subject to the conditions below.
The Club’s acquisition of the work and its copyright remain property of the Gallipoli Memorial Club
Museum Fund.

The Gallipoli Art Prize will be awarded to the artist who best depicts the spirit of the Gallipoli
Campaign as expressed in the Club’s “Creed”.

The Club’s Creed is:

“We believe that within the community there exists an obligation for all to preserve the special
qualities of loyalty, respect, love of country, courage and comradeship which were personified
by the heroes of the Gallipoli Campaign and bequeathed to all humanity as a foundation for
perpetual peace and universal freedom”.

Hunters Hill Art Exhibition

60 years of art
9-18 May 2014
Hunters Hill Art Prize
The Hunters Hill Art Prize has changed to include eligibility of all selected entries, including SCULPTURE.
Acquisitive Prize - Theme: Hunters Hill Modern
To celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the Exhibition an acquired artwork will be placed on permanent display in the Hunters Hill Town Hall. Art works entered into this prize should be the artist’s personal interpretation of Hunters Hill today.
Water Colour Prize
Introducing Watercolour Prize to recognise the artists who seek to master this medium.
Smaller Works Prize
The 9 x 5 category has been renamed ‘Smaller Works’, artists are now free to enter paintings or drawings up to and no larger than A 4, or 29.7 x 21 cm (Painted Area)

Thursday, 6 March 2014

New Books in March 2014

The following titles will be on display for 1 week until Thursday 13th March. If you would like to place a hold on any of the items please ask the library staff for assistance.

 John Singer Sargent watercolors

"John Singer Sargent's approach to watercolor was unconventional. Going beyond turn-of-the-century standards for carefully delineated and composed landscapes filled with transparent washes, his confidently bold, dense strokes and loosely defined forms startled critics and fellow practitioners alike. One reviewer of an exhibition in London proclaimed him "an eagle in a dove-cote"; another called his work "swagger" watercolors. For Sargent, however, the watercolors were not so much about swagger as about a renewed and liberated approach to painting. In watercolor, his vision became more personal and his works more interconnected, as he considered the way one image--often of a friend or favorite place--enhanced another."
Kara Walker : Dust jackets for the niggerati
Kara Walker: Dust Jackets for the Niggerati: Hilton Als
"African-American artist Kara Walker (born 1969) has been acclaimed internationally for her candid investigations of race, sexuality and violence through the lens of reconceived historical tropes. She had her first solo show at The Drawing Center in New York City in 1994 and, at the age of 28 in 1997, was one of the youngest people to receive a MacArthur Fellowship. This publication documents Dust Jackets for the Niggerati--and Supporting Dissertations, Drawings Submitted Ruefully by Dr. Kara E. Walker, a major series of graphite drawings and hand-printed texts on paper that grew out of Walkers attempts to understand how interpersonal and geopolitical powers are asserted through the lives of individuals."
Light years : conceptual art and the photograph, 1964-1977
"Photography played a critical role in conceptual art of the 1960s and 1970s, as artists turned to photography as both medium and subject matter. Light Years offers the first major survey of the key artists of this period who used photography to new and inventive ends. Whereas some employed photographic images to create slide projections, photographic canvases, and artists' books, others integrated them into sculptural assemblages and multimedia installations. This book highlights the work of acclaimed international artists such as Vito Acconci, John Baldessari, Mel Bochner, Sol LeWitt, Bruce Nauman, Giuseppe Penone, and Ed Ruscha."
Carroll Dunham : a drawing survey.
"This volume constitutes a 30-year survey of works on paper by New York-based painter Carroll Dunham (born 1949). Dunham's visual lexicon, drawing on such precursors as Arshile Gorky, André Masson and Philip Guston, and populated by biomorphic forms equipped with grinding teeth, phallic noses, top hats, daggers and guns, expresses an unbridled and polymorphous sexuality in which conflict is overtly celebrated. Dunham produces one or more drawings per day, for weeks at a time or longer, and has now amassed an astonishing breadth of material and content. Included here are some 366 drawings by Dunham, spanning his early career in the 1980s to the present, and covering all aspects of his drawing practice." 

On curating : interviews with ten international curator

Image and text taken from
"On Curating, Carolee Thea's second volume of interviews with ten of today's leading curators, explores the intellectual convictions and personal visions that lay the groundwork for the most prestigious and influential exhibitions in the world today. Among the aesthetic and theoretical issues raised are the relationship between artist and curator, globalism, post-colonialism, capitalism, the future of cultural tourism and the biennial as spectacle or utopian ideal."

The craft and art of clay : a complete potter's handbook.

Image and text taken from
"Widely considered to be the most comprehensive introduction to ceramics available, this book contains numerous step-by-step illustrations of all ceramic techniques to guide the beginner, as well as inspirational ceramic pieces from international potters. For the more experienced ceramist, there is a wealth of technical detail on glaze formulas and temperature conversions which make the book an ideal reference. To quote one review: "I am a studio potter and would not be without it.""

 American painters on technique : 1860-1945

Image and text taken from
 "This is an insightful survey on the materials and techniques of American artistis, from 1860 to 1945. This second volume in the American Painter s on Technique series is the first overview of an important but largely unknown aspect of American art from 1860 to 1945. The study is based primarily on firsthand descriptions of the materials and techniques that artists used to make paintings."

Art and authenticity

9781848220980: Art and Authenticity

Image and text taken from
"Art and Authenticity explores a range of questions around the ideas of authenticity, originality and replication in art. The authors move far beyond the fundamental question of 'Is it genuine?' to themes and definitions surrounding authenticity as a concept operating across different 
periods and contexts."