Thursday, 30 April 2015

New Books in the Library

New library books keep on coming! the titles include: Photographer's Sketchbook, Banksy in New York, Adventures of the Black Square. These books will be on display from Thursday 30th April - Thursday 7th May. If you would like assistance to place a hold on any of the books please ask the library staff for help or use the hyperlink on the Dewey Number (e.g. 709.2/BURR) to check the book's status and place a hold yourself. If you wish to read more about the book click on the hyperlink "image and text taken from here" to go to the website.

Photographer's Sketchbook


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"Find out how Alec Soth constructs his projects, why Trent Parke relies on old-fashioned Polaroids and hand-made books, and how forty-one other photographers experiment with new and old technologies, turn their photo-diaries into exhibitions, and attract audiences of millions via online platforms."

Banksy in New York


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"Photographer Ray Mock takes you along on his exciting hunt for new Banksy work during the famous Better Out Than In project in his new book Banksy in New York. This personal narrative offers a day-by-day account of Banksy s first New York residency, chronicling works that include Sirens of the Lambs and the Central Park stand at which original works by Banksy were sold for only $60."

Sascha Weidner: Lay Down Close By

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"Volume 2 of The catalogue "unveiled, the Sydney project" which was published on the occasion of the exhibition held at Australian Centre for Photography 3 Mar - 15 Apr 2012."

Italian Futurism 1909 - 1944


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"Published to accompany the exhibition Italian Futurism, 1909-1944: Reconstructing the Universe opening at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in 2014, this catalogue considerably advances the scholarship and understanding of an influential yet little-known twentieth- century artistic movement."

Adventures of the Black Square


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"This book is devoted to the global development of geometric abstraction and includes the works of Carl Andre, David Batchelor, Dan Flavin, Andrea Fraser, Kazimir Malevich, Piet Mondrian, Gabriel Orozco, Hélio Oiticica, Aleksandr Rodchenko, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Rosemarie Trockel, Theo Van Doesburg, Zhao Yao, and Andrea Zittel. Exploring how the universal visual language of geometric abstraction relates to society and politics, this volume also demonstrates how the movement's revolutionary aesthetic continues to impact culture across the globe. It traces a century of abstract art from 1915 to the present day and includes sculpture, film, photography, and painting."

Pop Departures


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"Pop Art’s influence continues to be felt more than a half century since its advent, as this engaging book deftly shows. Early Pop artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, and Andy Warhol adopted alternately critical, embracing, or ambivalent attitudes toward America’s rapidly proliferating consumer culture and its representations."

Phillip George: Fog Garden


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"Phillip George’s Fog Garden is a catalogue of images created for his exhibition with BREENSPACE, Sydney, in 2012. Close-up photographs of roses combine the decorative tradition of ‘Arabesque’ – a term ascribed to both 9th Century Islamic and European Renaissance decorative art – with the contours of military planes superimposed onto the rose’s petals. The rose, often associated with carnal desire, martyrdom, and remembrance is in this case a specter to be looked into or through, rather than being plainly observed, revealing and concealing associations we may have of East and West."