Thursday, 25 February 2016

New Books for the start of the Academic Year

The following titles are on display from 25 February - 3 March 2016.
If you would like to borrow any of them when they come off display see library staff. Otherwise check the library catalogue to see if they are available.

Moving Image

text and image taken from here
This anthology in the Documents of Contemporary Art series published by Whitechapel Gallery "examines the expanded field of the moving image in recent art, tracing the genealogies of contemporary moving image work in performance, body art, experimental film, installation, and site-specific art from the 1960s to the present day."

Picturing People: the New State of the Art

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"What drives artists to represent people as they do? This question, at the heart of figurative art, and how we represent ourselves as a society, is especially relevant today."

Frank Auerbach

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"Frank Auerbach has made some of the most resonant, inventive and perpetually alive paintings, both of people and of the urban landscapes near his studio in Camden Town, London. His intentions have been consistent: 'What I wanted to do was to record the life that seemed to me to be passionate and exciting and disappearing all the time'."

Gustave Caillebotte: an Impressionist and Photography

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"While there have been many studies of Caillebotte’s work, this is the first book to publish his paintings side-by-side with a selection of early photographs taken between 1850 and 1930. Together, they establish Caillebotte as the pioneer of a radically modern photographic form that added a new dimension to French impressionism and exerted an important influence on later photography"

Mondrian/Nicholson in Parallel

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"The story of the creative relationship between the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) and the British artist Ben Nicholson (1894-1982) is largely untold, yet during the 1930s they were leading forces of avant-garde art in Europe and their work was profoundly connected"

Conceptual Art 

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"... a new, original and authoritative re-examination of a major turning point in late twentieth-century art. Since the mid 1960s Conceptual art -- an art that consists of ideas, written down, enacted or simply carried in your head -- has directly challenged the very notion that a work of art is by definition an object of visual pleasure. Conceptual art is first and foremost an art of questions."

Facebook and Philosophy: What’s on your Mind?

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"Facebook and Philosophy is an entertaining, multi-faceted exploration of what Facebook means for us and for our relationships."

Vertigo: Chaos and Dislocation in Australian Art

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"Featuring the work of ten Australian artists, the exhibition explores various perspectives about the volatility and uncertainty of contemporary life where, locally and internationally, the world is experiencing a transformational period of flux, fluidity and change." This exhibition was part of the 2014 Asialink Arts Touring Exhibition Program. 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

New DVDs this week

The following DVDs have been added to our collection this week. You will find them on display at the library desk. Click on the call number link to see if they are available, and see library staff if you need any assistance. 

Make it new : a portrait of the sculptor Robert Klippel

A profile of Australia's greatest sculptor Robert Klippel. Filmed at his waterfront home and studio in Sydney this documentary provides a rare insight into the life and work of a man who was one of the most significant sculptors of his generation and who until the making of this film had retreated from the public gaze.

Via dramatisation, the film traces Klippel's career from a small boy interested in model ships to a major sculptor who was exhibited in London, Paris and New York where he achieved some recognition. But critics had difficulty coming to terms with his confronting non-figurative junk-metal sculptures.

In retrospect he was considered ahead of his time. Klippel returned to Sydney where he retreated to his home and studio and remained wonderfully productive creating some of his best works right up to his death in 2001. (Summary taken from NFSA)

(Image taken from NFSA)



Hidden Treasures with Betty Churcher : inside the National Gallery of Australia

The National Gallery of Australia has more than 100,000 works in its collection - from decorative arts to photography and sculpture - but only a fraction of these can be exhibited at one time. In this series of micro-docs, former director of the gallery Betty Churcher presents an insider's guide to some of the "hidden treasures" that are rarely on public display. From her unique vantage point, she makes intriguing connections between a range of artworks and artists. These are fascinating tales - about the works themselves, the people who created them and the challenge of preserving them - and a tantalising look at some of the ideas and influences that have shaped modern art across the globe.
(Summary taken from NFSA)

  (Image taken from NFSA)



Art of America

After exploring the great legacies of Europe, leading art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon crosses the Atlantic to explore the great themes and dramatic extremes of American art.

The series begins with the early Puritans, majestic 1 9th century landscapes, and a persistent paradox in American history - an ideology rooted in God and nature, but a reality seeped in blood and the destruction of the natural world.

Andrew also looks at the rise of mechanisation, modernism and abstract expressionism. He examines the figurative style of Edward Hopper and Norman Rockwell and the work of Pollock, DeKooning and Rothko, and argues that abstract expressionism was the first unique and definitive American art.

In the final episode, Andrew takes a look at the age of capitalism and beyond, including the pop art of the 1960s, a return to pantheism, and yet another paradox in contemporary 

American culture: 'filthy' money versus 'pure' art.  (Summary taken from Booktopia) 


 (Image taken from Booktopia)





Art of Germany

In a three-part epic journey through a 500year artistic legacy, Art of Germany explores the surprises, beauty and wonder of German art. From its beginnings, through the Baroque, Romanticism, Expressionism and Dada movements to the modern day, this fascinating story follows a geographical as well as chronological journey through Germany, focusing on the cultural centres of each era. 

It explores the great themes of Germanic art - an obsession with landscape, folk lore and national identity - and tells the story of a national art that conveys passion, precision, hope and renewal, whilst juxtaposing escapism with control and a connection with nature against a love for the machine. (Summary taken from Booktopia)

(Image taken from Booktopia)



Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Moreton Bay Region Art Awards, The Calleen Art Award, The MAMA Art Foundation Photography Award, Borrowed Wall Art Prize, The Waterhouse Natural Science Prize, Stanthorpe Art Festival, Bay of Fires Art Prize, Mornigton Peninsula Regional Gallery Works on Paper, The Kilgour Prize, The Sawmillers Reserve Sculpture Exhibition, Percival Portrait Painting Prize

The Moreton Bay Region Art Awards

The Moreton Bay Region Art Awards is an annual acquisitive art prize and exhibition proudly supported by the Moreton Bay Regional Council. The Art Awards offers two acquisitive prizes of $7,500 and two supplementary $1,000 prizes for a Local Artists and a People’s Choice Award. The Moreton Bay Region Art Awards is an important feature in the cultural landscape of the region and has featured many prominent and emerging artists in its 22 year history.
The Moreton Bay Region Art Awards is an annual art event that attracts entries from all over Australia. The works cover a diverse range of art forms with artists working in sculpture, painting, drawing and photography of every description.
Bookings will be taken nearer to the exhibition date.
Date: 21 May - 28 May 2016
Strathpine Community Centre - 199 Gympie Road, Strathpine (entry and free parking via Mecklem Street)
Pine Rivers Art Gallery
Ph: (07) 3480 6941

 The Calleen Art Award

The Calleen Art Award is an acquisitive national painting prize in any subject and style. The award was established in 1977 by Patricia Fagan OAM and is made possible by the generous support of the Calleen Trust.
The winner of the 2016 Calleen Art Award will receive $19,000 in prize money and their painting will join the Calleen Collection at the Cowra Regional Art Gallery.
An entered artwork must be an original painting by the artist in any painting medium including oil paint, acrylic or watercolour.
Entries close 4th March 2016
Exhibition: 1 May to 19 June 2016

The MAMA Art Foundation National Photography Prize 2016

The MAMA Art Foundation National Photography Prize 2016 is a biennial acquisitive awards and exhibition, showcasing the best in contemporary Australian photography with a cash prize pool of $50,000.

An exhibition of the selected photographs will be held at MAMA from 20 May to 7 August 2016, from which, prizes totalling $50,000 will be awarded. From this prize pool:

$3000 will be awarded to the winner of the John and Margaret Baker Memorial Fellowship for emerging artists
The remaining $47,000 will be reserved for acquisitions, starting with the winner of the MAMA Art Foundation National Photography Prize (awarded according to the listed sale price of the work).
Additional acquisitions will be made using the balance of the prize pool.
Applications close for the MAMA Art Foundation National Photograph Prize 2016 on Friday 11 March 2016.

The prize winning photographs will be announced at the opening of the exhibition on Friday 20 May 2016.

Those photographs not acquired by MAMA through the MAMA Art Foundation National Photography Prize will be available for purchase during the exhibition (30% commission applies).

Borrowed Wall Art Prize

Liverpool City Council (Council) is seeking entries from young artists aged 18-30 for its 1st Annual Borrowed Wall Art Prize.
Council’s vision for the future is for Liverpool to be a vibrant regional city of opportunity, prosperity and diversity. Reinvigorating the cityscape into lively and dynamic public space is a key component of Council’s aspirations, rooted in its strong tradition of supporting the delivery of quality artworks and art experiences.
The front wall of the Liverpool City Library is in a prime position for public art activation, as the library receives well over a thousand visitors each day. The Borrowed Wall Art Prize is an initiative to reinvigorate this space annually by supporting young artists with a cash prize, and the resources to create a large-scale artwork on the Library’s fa├žade.

Entries close: 11 March 2016, 5pm

The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize

The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize was launched in 2002 and commemorates the birth of the South Australian Museum’s first curator, Frederick George Waterhouse. The prize is an opportunity for artists to investigate the world around them, and present their perspectives on natural science. It encourages artists to make a statement about the scientific issues facing our planet, and offers a valuable platform for them to contribute to the environmental debate. Over the years the competition has become a much loved fixture on the arts calendar, allowing artists and audiences to explore natural science through a range of creative outlets.

The competition opens on Wednesday 13 January 2016, shortlist judging occurs in early April, and artists will be advised by 15 April if they have been selected for exhibition. Winners of the open and emerging artist categories will be announced on Thursday 9 June 2016. The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize exhibition runs from 10 June to 31 July 2016, with the People’s Choice and Scientists’ Choice awards announced on Thursday 21 June 2016. The touring program will run from September through to the end of November 2016.

Stanthorpe Art Festival 2016 

 $20,000 prize available for the overall winner of the Stanthorpe Art Festival 2016. This could be a 3D or 2D work and will be decided by both judges on June1st/2nd. 

We are also offering a $5000 Significant Work award in both 2D and 3D and each judge will make their own choice for these two awards.

There is a $1000 award for the Emerging Artist Award.   Pre-selected artists are required to make a one page submission for this award.  Both judges suggest will view the submissions and collaborate to decide the winner.

Bay of Fires Art Prize

Entries are now open for the 2016 Bay of Fires Art Prize.  The Prize is $20,000.  There is also a $1,000 People's Choice Prize.  Information for artists including the Entry Form, Conditions of Entry and the On-line Entry Guide can be found here.
The theme remains unchanged for 2016.  "Our Island Inheritance" is felt to offer a wide scope for artists interpreting the environment, the people or the spirit of Tasmania in a wide range of media.
This year, the judging panel are again among the best in their fields.  We have Paul Ryan, a prominent artist from Sydney and a previous winner of the Prize, Dr Ellie Ray, Director of the Devonport Regional Art Gallery and Jon Cattapan, Artist and Professor of Visual Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts.
There are only very minor changes to the rules and these are now available on the 2016 Prize page.

The Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery’s National Works on Paper

The Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery’s National Works on Paper was established in 1998 and incorporated the former Spring Festival of Drawing and the Prints Acquisitive which began in 1973. National Works on Paper is one of Australia’s most prestigious awards and acquisitive exhibitions. A biennial exhibition, its role is to support and promote contemporary Australian artists working on or with paper. Recent winners of the National Works on Paper include Laith McGregor, Richard Lewer, Danie Mellor, Gareth Sansom, Paul Boston, Lisa Roet and eX de Medici.

Entries must be received by
5pm, Friday 15 April 2016

The Kilgour Prize

The Kilgour Prize is an annual art prize for figurative and portrait painting that awards $50,000 for the most outstanding work of art. A People’s Choice is also awarded of $5000 to the painting voted most popular by the general public.

Jack Noel Kilgour (1900–1987) was an Australian artist well-known for his academic approachto landscape and portrait painting. His contemporaries included Jean Bellette, William Dobell, Paul Haefliger, Eric Wilson and his wife Nancy Kilgour, with whom he established a significant artistic partnership. His works are well represented in the Newcastle Art Gallery collection, as well as in other significant state and national collections.

In 1987 Kilgour bequeathed funds for the creation of a major figurative and portrait art competition to be run in perpetuity at Newcastle Art Gallery. As one of Australia’s major art prizes, the Kilgour Prize continues a long history of benefaction to the Gallery.
Entries in by Friday 6th May 2016

Sawmillers Reserve Sculpture Exhibition

Sculptors are invited to participate in Sculpture at Sawmillers exhibition to be held in the iconic harbourside Sawmillers Reserve in McMahons Point on 16 – 25 September 2016.
A non-acquisitive Sculpture at Sawmillers Prize of $20,000, and prizes of $5,000, $3,000, $2,500 and other smaller ones will be awarded. Exhibition finalists will be selected by a panel chaired by Sculptor, Michael Snape.
Submissions of medium sized exterior sculptures and installations should be made by 30 May 2016.

Percival Portrait Painting Prize

The biennial Percival Portrait Painting Prize is North Queensland’s own portrait competition and is held at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery.
Having begun in 2007, The Percivals is an open competition for artists. While showcasing the outstanding and innovative work currently being produced by Australian artists, the competition has also given many emerging artists an opportunity to engage with portraiture and share their expressions of themselves and those close to them.
The Prize has steadily grown in stature and prize monies, from $3,000 in 2007 to the current major acquisitive prize of $40,000.
Applications Close Friday 18 March 2016

for more information:

Friday, 19 February 2016

New Books for Drawing Week!

The following titles are on display from 18 -25 February 2016. 
If you would like to borrow any of them when they come off display, see library staff! 
Otherwise check the library catalogue or click on the call number to see if they are available.

Drawing Now 

text and image taken from here

“A showcase of new directions in drawing, Drawing Now includes forty works by artists from around the world whose work defines this continually changing medium...”

The Art of Mechanical Reproduction: Technology and Aesthetics from Duchamp to the Digital

text and image taken from here

“…presents a striking new approach to how traditional art mediums—painting, sculpture, and drawing—changed in the twentieth century in response to photography, film, and other technologies.”

Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei

text and image taken from here

“Andy Warhol (1928–1987) and Ai Weiwei (b. 1957) are two of the most internationally renowned artists of the past 100 years, famous not only for their artwork but also for influencing the culture of their time.”

Grayson Perry : My Pretty Little Art Career

text and image taken from here

“Grayson Perry (born Chelmsford, Essex 1960) is one of Britain's most acclaimed contemporary artists, known for his ceramic works, sculptures in iron and brass, drawings, prints and tapestries. With a keen eye for detail and a love of the popular and vernacular, Perry infuses his art works with a sly humour and reflection on society past and present.”

Destination Sydney
759.994/COLL DEST

image taken from here

A unique multi-venue exhibition that explores the spirit of Sydney through the paintings of nine iconic Australian artists – Cressida Campbell, Grace Cossington Smith and Margaret Preston at S. H. Ervin Gallery; Elisabeth Cummings, Lloyd Rees and Brett Whiteley at Manly Art Gallery and Museum; and Kevin Connor, Peter Kingston and John Olsen at Mosman Art Gallery.

Tom Roberts : Exhibition Catalogue from National Gallery of Australia

Text and image taken from here

“This publication accompanies the exhibition Tom Roberts at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra and discusses Tom Roberts’s life and work and provides details on individual iconic works by Roberts from around Australia.”

The Drawings of Barbara Hepworth 

text and image taken from here

“As the first in-depth and fully illustrated survey of Hepworth's drawings and oil paintings in nearly fifty years.”

Kurt Jackson: Sketchbooks

text and image taken from here

"Illustrating mundane daily events and happenings as well as key moments, journeys and the overlapping ongoing project work, Jackson's sketchbooks are key to understanding his inspirations as an artist."