Thursday, 28 April 2016

New Books for May

The following titles are on display from 28 April – 5 May 2016.
If you would like to borrow any of them when they come off display, please see library staff! Otherwise check the library catalogue to see if they are available

Stephen Shore:Survey

Published for his first ever retrospective exhibition,’ Stephen Shore: Survey’ considers Shore's significant “contribution, as well as the historiographical interpretations of his work that have influenced photographic culture over the past four decades. The narrative of the catalogue is conceptualized around three particularly revealing aspects of Shore's work, including his analysis of photographic and visual language, his topographical approach to the contemporary landscape and his significant use of colour within a photographic context.”

Bergson and the Art of Immanence : Painting, Photography, Film

"Immanence is a theory of divine presence, in which the divine is found in the material world, not outside of it. This new collection brings the major 20th century French philosopher Henri Bergson's work on immanence together with the latest ideas in art theory and the practice of immanent art as found in painting, photography and film...It explores concepts of rhythmic duration, perception, affectivity, the body, memory and intuition - all of which were first formulated as immanent objects through the work of Bergson.”

Pencil in Hand : 20th Century Drawings : Colecciones Fundación Mapfre

“Pencil in Hand: 20th-Century Drawings presents a considered selection of more than 100 drawings, providing a wide-ranging view of art from the past century, both from Spain and abroad. All the works form part of the 20th Century Drawing Collection, which belongs to the FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE” 

Do Ho Suh Drawings

“Focusing on Do Ho Suh's works on paper, this unique and insightful volume allows readers to trace the development and progression of the artist's drawing practice. Do Ho Suh's hugely popular installations have been drawing audiences around the world for more than two decades. Their themes of displacement, transience, and longing reflect the artist's own nomadic existence as a Korean émigré.”


Colour Sensation : the Works of Melinda Harper 

“Colour and optical vibrancy animate Melbourne artist Melinda Harper’s remarkable oeuvre of abstract works developed over three decades. While Harper is best known as a painter, this survey reveals a surprising diversity of practice in its inclusion of drawings, collages, screenprints, experimental photographs, painted objects and exquisite handmade embroideries”

Undisclosed : 2nd National Indigenous art Triennial

“The second National Indigenous Art Triennial, ‘unDisclosed’ charts the trajectory of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art in Australia since the first triennial, Culture Warriors, in 2007. In tracing this path, the second triennial explores the work of 20 exemplary Indigenous artists from around Australia.”

Face Value : Portraiture in the Age of Abstraction

“Face Value features mid-twentieth-century artists who were reinventing portraiture at a moment when everyone agreed that figuration was dead as a progressive art form. Containing more than fifty paintings, drawings, prints, and sculpture, this book highlights innovations in American portraiture from approximately 1945 to 1975. Included are works by such artists as Alice Neel, Robert Rauschenberg, Alex Katz, Romare Bearden, Fairfield Porter, Andy Warhol, Joan Brown, Barkley Hendricks, and Sylvia Sleigh."

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

New DVDs this week

The following DVDs have been added to our collection this week. You will find them on display at the library desk. Click on the call number link to see if they are available, and see library staff if you need any assistance.

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran @ NAS

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran is a contemporary artist based in Sydney. In 2014, he was awarded the prestigious 2014 NSW Visual Arts Fellowship (emerging) administered through Arts NSW. In 2015, he was the winner of the 2015 Sidney Myer Fund Australian Ceramic Award, Australia’s richest and premier award for artists working in ceramics. His work is in various collections, including Artbank and the Shepparton Art Museum. His work is currently exhibited at the Art Gallery of South Australia’s flagship exhibition, the 2016 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art. Forthcoming projects include a contemporary project opening at the National Gallery of Australian in July 2016.


Mark Wallinger : illuminations

For his show as Britain’s representative at the 2001 Venice Biennale, Mark Wallinger brought together a typically eclectic group of sculptures, videos and installations. Like Ecce Homo, his much-loved life-size statue of Christ created for Trafalgar Square, the exhibition provoked and challenged and moved many of those who experienced it.

Mark Wallinger’s art is often witty and immediately accessible yet at the same time it engages with some of the traditional grand themes, including religion, spirituality and death. His recent works include the ambitious environment Prometheus, centred around a wall-mounted electric chair, and Threshold to the Kingdom which counterpoints the arrival of passengers at an international airport (and perhaps also in Heaven) with Allegri’s beautiful music for the Miserere.

In this film profile Wallinger considers the meanings and motivations of his art. He also reflects on his earlier explorations of class and identity, most especially in the series of paintings, photographs and videos about the world of racing which culminated in him owning and running the horse A Real Work of Art. (Summary taken from Illuminations Media)


Joe Tilson : illuminations

Since the 1960s, when he was associated with British Pop Art, Joe Tilson has enjoyed international acclaim for the individuality and originality of his paintings, constructions, prints and multiples. All of his playful, engaging work is informed with ideas from literature, philosophy, ethnography and alchemy.

Tilson’s early work focussed on mass-market consumerism and politics. But he was soon disenchanted with mechanical methods of production and his art in the 1970s and 1980s employed hand-worked wood and metal in intriguing ways.

Shot in and around the artist’s studio in Cortona, Italy, this film was produced alongside Joe Tilson’s first British retrospective at London’s Royal Academy of Arts. He speaks engagingly about his career, his craft and many of his key works, including his most recent paintings. Inspired by the landscape surrounding his home in the Tuscan hills, these works use striking and vibrant colours in conjunction with text, and explore the enduring themes of sex, birth and death.
(Summary taken from Illuminations Media)


Malcolm Morley : illuminations

Malcolm Morley is one of the most significant and influential painters working today. Born in England but active in the United States since the late 1950s, Morley has developed an intensely individual vision embracing, but never determined by, autobiography, politics, psychoanalysis, myth, the visual culture of his time and the limitless potential of paint.

Filmed as Morley works in his distinctive manner on a spectacular new canvas, this documentary features the artist’s provocative reflections on his life, painting technique, influences and concerns. It also illustrates a wide range of his paintings from the earliest abstract works, through the painstakingly precise depictions of reproductions (on postcards, from travel brochures) of ships, contemporary scenes and Old Masters, to the catastrophe pictures of the 1970s.

Paintings engaging with ancient cultures followed, and then works based on the cardboard cut-out aeroplane and boat kits which Morley has made since his youth. Most recently, he has returned to paintings of news photographs, exploring a striking and challenging new range of imagery.
(Summary taken from Illuminations Media)


Thursday, 21 April 2016

New books for the start of Term 2

The following titles are on display from 21-28 April 2016.
If you would like to borrow any of them when they come off display, please see library staff! Otherwise click on the call number links to check the library catalogue and find out if they are available. 

Photography : the Contemporary Era, 1981-2013

Through over 200 photographs from 1981 to 2013, this book closes the great Skira series dedicated to the history of photography. This volume addresses the major themes of  contemporary photography and the issues regarding the production and use of photographs in present-day society.

Embodied Fantasies : from Awe to Artifice

This book "focuses on notions of embodiment as they relate to sexuality, aesthetics, epistemology, perception, and fantasy itself. Approaches to modes of fantasies are explored beyond traditional conceptions to include complex thinking processes, subjectivity and inter-subjective experiences. What function do fantasies and their images possess in relation to art as a form of knowledge production?”

Residue : the Persistence of the Real 

This catalogue published in partnership with the Vancouver Art Gallery “is comprised of work that draws upon a documentary impulse and pursues the real as something that cannot be entirely reduced to representation, while at the same time acknowledging the mediating character of the mechanisms that shape perception.”

Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb on Street Photography and the Poetic Image


"In this series, Aperture Foundation works with the world's top photographers to distill their creative approaches, teachings, and insights on photography--offering the workshop experience in a book., Internationally acclaimed color photographers Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, offer their expert insight into street photography and the poetic image"

Art of Ceramics 


“Art of Ceramics, takes readers on a voyage of discovery through of the world of ceramics today. A material so fragile yet so bold, every piece is an extraordinary work of art… Amongst those featured are Barnaby Barford, Foekje Fleur and Kate Macdowell, Lenneke Wispelwey, Ende, Jonathan Adler and Piselli Projects, who put their stamp on our everyday objects, introducing art into our most habitual moments”

Feminism -Art -Theory : an Anthology 1968-2014

"Charting over 45 years of feminist debate on the significance of gender in the making and understanding of art, the long-anticipated new edition of "Feminism-Art-Theory" has been extensively updated and reworked"

Aestheticism : Deep Formalism and the Emergence of Modernist Aesthetics

Michalle Gal offers "a comprehensive account of aestheticism of the 19th century as a philosophical theory of its own right. Taking philosophical and art-historical viewpoints, this cross-disciplinary book presents aestheticism as the foundational movement of modernist aesthetics of the 20th century"

Karin Hanssen : the Borrowed Gaze

Belgian artist Karin Hanssen presents old and new works, paintings and drawings. "The Borrowed Gaze" features a series of paintings created by Hanssen that reappropriate the female Rückenfigur (back figure) of the famous work Paternal Admonition (1654) of Gerard ter Borch. Almost identical replications of ter Borch’s paradigmatic image of a woman in a satin dress circulated on the market already in the 17th century. Today, in the era of technical reproduction and digital simulation, this practice acquires new relevance" 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

William Fletcher Rome Residency, The City of Albany Art Prize, Archibald Prize, The Wynne Prize, The Sulman Prize

William Fletcher Rome Residency

The Foundation invites applications for a valuable travelling art fellowship to be awarded in 2017. This is the fourth biennial awarded by the Foundation. The award includes a three-month residency at the British School at Rome (BSR), which is situated in the heart of the city, near the Museo Borghese and the Italian National Gallery of Modern Art. The period of residency is April to June 2017, being the European spring, and an optimum time for exploration of the city and its environs.

The Fellowship is valued at about A$25 000 (depending on exchange rates); besides accommodation at the BSR, it includes $A4000 for airfares and health and travel insurance, and a monthly stipend of $A2000.

The City of Albany Art Prize

Entering its 9th year in 2016, The City of Albany Art Prize continues to play an important role in the cultural and economic development of the Great Southern region. The Prize is integral to the ongoing development of the City’s already sizeable Art Collection via the major acquisitive prize, which is sponsored by The Jack Family Charitable Trust.

$25,000 Acquisitive prize with work selected for the City of Albany Art Collection, plus a 4 week studio residency in Albany with $2,500 for expenses
$2,500 Highly Commended Prize (non-acquisitive)
$2,500 People’s Choice Prize (non-acquisitive)
Entries close Monday 6 June 5.00pm (WST) 2016

Archibald Prize

Online entry, with the full form and final instructions and conditions, will be available from 2 May 2016, Value $100,000

The Trustees of the Art Gallery of New South Wales (the Gallery) invite artists to submit paintings in competition for the Archibald Prize 2016.

The prize will be awarded, in the terms of the will of the late JF Archibald dated 15 March 1916, to the best portrait ‘preferentially of some man or woman distinguished in art, letters, science or politics, painted by any artist resident in Australasia during the 12 months preceding the date fixed by the Trustees for sending in the pictures’.

Entries in the Archibald Prize competition are also eligible to be considered for:
Packing Room Prize – value $1500
People’s Choice – value $3500

The Wynne Prize

The Wynne Prize is awarded annually for 'the best landscape painting of Australian scenery in oils or watercolours or for the best example of figure sculpture by Australian artists’.
This open competition is judged by the trustees of the Art Gallery of NSW. Finalists are displayed in an exhibition at the Gallery (although in the early years all entrants were hung). Many winning paintings have become icons in Australian landscape art, entering the collections of public galleries, including our own.

Prize:  $50,000

The Sulman Prize

The Sulman Prize is awarded for the best subject painting, genre painting or mural project by an Australian artist.
A genre painting is normally a composition representing some aspect or aspects of everyday life, and may feature figurative, still-life, interior or figure-in-landscape themes. A subject painting, in contrast, is idealised or dramatised. Typically, a subject painting takes its theme from history, poetry, mythology or religion. In both cases, however, the style may be figurative, representative, abstract or semi-abstract.

Value $40,000
Delivery of entries: 8am-4pm, 20-24 June 2016

Thursday, 14 April 2016

New Books in Autumn

The following titles are on display from 14- 21 April 2016.
If you would like to borrow any of them when they come off display, please see library staff! Otherwise check the library catalogue to see if they are available


Matthew McLendon “explores several recognizable trends among artists who consistently 're-purpose' garbage or detritus to create works that examine identity, index and environment"

1000 Drawings of Genius

“With major museums around the world, from the Met to the Uffizi, mounting exhibitions focused on the art of draughtsmanship, drawing is receiving more critical and academic attention than ever before. Victoria Charles and Klaus H. Carl provide an analysis of the history of drawing, from Renaissance greats like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, to Modernist masters like M.C. Escher, Pablo Picasso”

The Erotics of Looking : Early Modern Netherlandish Art

This collection of provocative essays explore the material qualities of early Dutch art to reveal ways new forms of visual imagery solicit a beholder's involvement. How descriptive pictures during the early modern Dutch art period operated as social things and were designed to pleasurably engage the eye and prompt discussion and debate. His book represents a major contribution to the field of early modern Netherlandish art and to general debates about the status and functions of descriptive art

Art and Truth After Plato

“More than a mere history of aesthetics, Art and Truth after Plato presents a fresh look at an ancient question, bringing it into contemporary relief.”

Hand to Earth : Andy Goldsworthy Sculpture 1976-1990

“This retrospective survey of Andy Goldsworthy's early work covers the fourteen years between 1976 and 1990. It embraces not only his ephemeral works – represented by photographs, including those made in France and at the North Pole – but also his earliest permanent sculptures constructed of stone and earth, as well as drawings for monumental sculpture projects in the landscape”

The Printmaker's Art

Through technical summaries and featured examples, this book “ draws on the print and archive collections from the Scottish National Gallery, Scottish National Portrait Gallery and Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art to illustrate and explain the mysteries of relief and intaglio printing, lithography, screen-print, photo-mechanical and digital processes and provides an overview of these impressive and varied collections”

100 Ideas That Changed Art 

“From the earliest cave paintings through to the internet and street art, this inspiring book chronicles the 100 most influential ideas that have shaped the world of art”

John Perceval : Art and Life

“In this fully revised and updated analysis of John Perceval's art  in the context of his life, Traudi Allen shows how, despite having been positioned as the younger follower of Arthur Boyd, Albert Tucker and Fred Williams, he was, in fact, sometimes the mentor. The full complexity of his work and his personality is rigorously and engagingly analysed here, in a story that is as sweet and fascinating as it is tragic." 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

New Books in April

The following titles are on display from 7 – 14 April 2016.
If you would like to borrow any of them when they come off display, please see library staff! Otherwise check the library catalogue to see if they are available.

Unexpected Art


“Graffiti made from cake icing, man-made clouds floating indoors, a luminous moon resting on water. Unexpected Art showcases the wonderfully experimental work of more than 50 innovative artists …site-specific installations, extraordinary sculptures, and ground breaking interventions in public spaces—that reveal the exciting things that happen when contemporary artists play with the idea of place.”

Under Blue Cup 

text and image taken from here
“Rosalind Krauss explores the relation of aesthetic mediums to memory…and emphasizes the medium as a form of remembering; contemporary artists in what she terms the “post-medium” condition reject that scaffolding. She explains the historical emergence of the post-medium condition and describes alternatives to its aesthetic meaninglessness, examining works by “knights of the medium”—contemporary artists who extend the life of the specific medium”

Georges Seurat : the Art of Vision

“This revelatory study of Georges Seurat (1859–1891) explores the artist’s profound interest in theories of visual perception and analyses how they influenced his celebrated seascape, urban, and suburban scenes”

Gustave Caillebotte : the Painter's Eye 

“Though largely out of the public eye for more than a century, Gustave Caillebotte (1848–94) has come to be recognized as one of the most dynamic and original artists of the impressionist movement in Paris. This book which accompanied the National Gallery of Art’s ( Washington)  major new exhibition, co-organized with the Kimbell Art Museum, explores the power and technical brilliance of his oeuvre”

Time to Play : Action and Interaction in Contemporary Art

“‘Play art' or interactive art is becoming a central concept in the contemporary art world, disrupting the traditional role of passive observance usually assumed by audiences, allowing them active participation… Katarzyna Zimna combines a consideration of the philosophical implications of play with the examination of how it is actually used in modern and postmodern art - looking at Dada, Surrealism, Fluxus and Relational Aesthetics. Focusing mainly on process-based art, this book proposes a fresh approach - reaching beyond classical cultural theories of play”

Talk about Street Art 

“Graffiti and street art have long been part of our visual culture, from their origins in ancestral caves to New York City’s subway walls…The artist’s engagement and state of mind are important components of street art; the book covers topics such as anonymity, the art form’s dangerous nature, codes of conduct, and ideological engagement, as well as the interface of street art with contemporary art, pop surrealism, toy art, and music and sport”

Beyond Subculture : Pop, Youth, and Identity in a Postcolonial World

“Presenting a new approach to the study of youth culture and popular music, Beyond Subculture re-examines the link between music and subcultures and asks the question; in an ageing world, can pop music still be an automatic metaphor for youth culture?”

The Europeanness of European Cinema : Identity, Meaning, Globalization

“As the first publication to explore 'Europeanness' in cinema, this book refocuses and updates historically significant areas of study in relation to this term. Leading scholars in European cinema ...acknowledge the transnational character of European filmmaking whilst also exploring the oppositions between European and Hollywood filmmaking, considering the value of the 'European' label in the circulation of films within and beyond the continent”

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

New DVDs this week

The following DVDs have been added to our collection this week. You will find them on display at the library desk. Click on the call number link to see if they are available, and see library staff if you need any assistance.

Art Forum

Lee Mingwei @ NAS

Born in Taiwan in 1964 and currently living in Paris, Lee Mingwei creates participatory installations, where strangers can explore issues of trust, intimacy, and self-awareness, and one-on-one events, for visitors to contemplate these issues with the artist through eating, sleeping, walking and conversation. Lee's projects are often open-ended scenarios for everyday interaction, and take on different forms with the involvement of participants and change during the course of an exhibition.


700.5/NATI LEE

Archie Moore @ NAS

For the 20th Biennale of Sydney, curated by Stephanie Rosenthal, Archie Moore has created a 1:1 scale replica of Woollarawarre, Bennelong's hut built for him by Governor Arthur Phillip in 1790. Bennelong was a member of the Wangal clan and a central figure in Sydney’s early colonial history. Moore's work, titled A Home Away From Home (Bennelong/Vera's Hut), combines the reduced colonial architecture of Bennelong's brick hut on the outside with that of Moore's grandmother Vera's corrugated iron hut on the inside. It is located on Bennelong Lawn, in front of Government House in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. Moore has been assisted on the project by Indigenous architect, Kevin O'Brien.


Sandra Blow

Three spectacular canvases by Sandra Blow were one of the highlights of the 2006 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Sadly, this was her last show, as she died in August that year. This film was made in her studio in St. Ives as she was preparing to submit her works, and it captures her remarkable character and her fascinating reflections on a lifetime creating beautiful, rigorous, distinctive and joyous paintings.

Image taken from WHS Smith


Trent Parke: the black rose

Catherine Hunter’s documentary Trent Parke: The Black Rose explores the poignant autobiographical story of Australia’s award-winning Magnum photographer Trent Parke. After seven intense years, his landmark exhibition The Black Rose is now on display at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Considered one of the most innovative photographers of his generation, Trent Parke is the first Australian to become a full member of the renowned photographers’ cooperative Magnum Photo Agency, co-founded by Henri Cartier-Bresson in 1947.
Summary taken from AGNSW

Image taken from AGNSW