Thursday, 5 May 2016

New Books in May

The following titles are on display from 5- 12 May 2016
If you would like to borrow any of them when they come off display, please see library staff! Otherwise check the library catalogue to see if they are available

Tantra Song : Tantric Painting from Rajasthan


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"These contemporary, anonymous drawings from Rajasthan are unlike the more familiar strands of Tantric art--the geometric yantras, or erotic illustrations of the Kama Sutra. The progeny of seventeenth-century illustrated religious treatises, these drawings have evolved into a distinct visual lexicon designed to awaken heightened states of consciousness and are imbued with specific spiritual meanings (e.g. spirals and arrows for energy, an inverted triangle for Shakti). A revelatory volume on this occluded genre of Indian art"

El Anatsui : New Worlds


New Worlds "features six of El Anatsui's ( Ghanaian, b. 1944) large-scale sculptures -five are wall mounted and one extends into the viewers’ space across the floor. The works are all constructed in Anatsui’s signature technique of joining the bands and caps of liquor bottles into broad expanses of flexible sculpture. Brightly colored and richly textured, these works of art engage a host of issues-from consumer culture to environmental concerns-related to contemporary life in a globalizing world"

Art & Science


This "abundantly illustrated history of the dynamic interaction between the arts and sciences ...surveys the vital relationship between these two fields of endeavour in its full scope, from prehistory to the present day."

The Sketchbooks Revealed / Richard Diebenkorn


"Throughout his long career, Richard Diebenkorn always kept a sketchbook-a portable studio, as he called it-to capture his ideas...this extraordinary collection of Richard Diebenkorn's sketches is unprecedented in displaying an artist's process, and through the collection we can better understand Diebenkorn's style of working"

The Culture of Photography in Public Space


"From privacy concerns regarding Google Street View to surveillance photography’s association with terrorism and sexual predators, photography as an art has become complex terrain upon which anxieties about public space have been played out. Yet the photographic threat is not limited to the image alone. ..'The Culture of Photography in Public Space' collects essays and photographs that offer a new response to these restrictions, the events, and the anxieties that give rise to them"

..isms : Understanding Film


"This guide sorts the great classic films and directors according to the significant movements that have shaped the development of cinema…Beginning with the early silent era, it spans the entire range of movie history up to the present wave of indie films and the growing fascination with international cinema"

Creamy Psychology 


"Creamy Psychology surveys photographer Yvonne Todd’s work since the late 1990s, including her recent Gilbert Melrose project (for which Todd printed the photographs taken by her second cousin in 1957) and her latest photographic series Ethical Minorities (Vegans)"

Anthony Lister : Adventure Painter 

Adventure Painter "contains a compelling, action-packed mix of Anthony Lister's gallery work and outdoor paintings. It documents his physical and intellectual travels as he explores themes from flawed superheroes to classical mythology characters"

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