Wednesday, 20 July 2016

New DVDs this week

The following DVDs have been added to our collection this week. You will find them on display at the library desk. Click on the call number link to see if they are available, and see library staff if you need any assistance.

International residency experiences @ NAS

Hear about three different residency experiences from some of our graduates, and ask them all the questions you have before applying yourself.

In 2015, Celeste Kotevich completed her BFA in Photography, and was the winner of the Joel Corrigan Memorial Photography Award for her series of works Interstitial Interiors. Those works investigated the feeling of interstitial spaces when void of human presence and the ritual of the pedestrian commute in institutional interiors. Earlier this year, she undertook a three month residency at La Cité International des Arts in Paris.

Mason Kimber completed his MFA in Painting in 2014 and undertook a three-month residency at the British School at Rome in 2014. While in Rome, he became fascinated with the traditional Italian technique of fresco painting, where paint is applied directly to plaster before it completely dries, a process he has now incorporated into his own practice.

Elyssa Sykes-Smith completed her BFA (Honours) in Sculpture in 2013, and in 2014 completed a self-made residency in Spain and New York with famed sculptor Isidro Blasco – a contact she made while studying at NAS. Her site-specific sculptural works take the abstracted form of the human figure, and are a dynamic constant at the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibitions in Bondi and Cottesloe.

Stephen Bird @ NAS

Stephen Bird is known for his modelled and painted ceramic forms which idiosyncratically re-interpret the 18th and 19th century ornamental and souvenir wares that were mass-produced in factories such as in Stoke-on-Trent, in Staffordshire in the British Midlands. While these pieces appear traditional at first glance, his subjects have always been subversive responses to contemporary aspects of popular culture, history, war, violence, politics and religion, within universal themes of such as love, death, birth and life.

Bird studied Fine art at Duncan and Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee, and post graduate studies at Cyprus Art College. He initially trained as a painter but now works across a range of mediums including ceramics, drawing, printmaking and digital animation. Stephen has exhibited extensively for over 20 years in the United Kingdom, USA and Australia. Collections include National Gallery of Australia, National Museum of Scotland and National Museums Northern Ireland.

Bird will talk about his practice in relation to his mid career survey show, Bastard Son of Royal Doulton, which is touring NSW at the moment and is currently on show at Casula Powerhouse.

A Walk Into The Sea

Danny Williams and The Warhol Factory is director Esther Robinson's personal inquiry into the truth behind her Uncle Danny Williams' mysterious 1966 disappearance. Virtually unknown today, Danny was Andy Warhol's lover, and a promising young filmmaker. (summary taken from Madman)

(Image taken from terapeak)

ART21: Spirituality

Artists address the idea of spirituality by questioning commonly held assumptions about faith, belief, meditation, and religious symbols. Featuring artists Ann Hamilton, John Feodorov, Shahzia Sikander, and James Turrell, with an introduction by Beryl Korot and S. Epatha Merkerson. (Summary taken from thirteen)

(Image taken from moviemail)

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