More New Books in August

The following titles are on display from  18- 25 August 2016
If you would like to borrow any of them when they come off display,
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Auto Focus : the Self-Portrait in Contemporary Photography

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"'Auto Focus' features the work of 75 contemporary photographers from around the world for whom self-portraiture is a central part of their work. Issues of identity national, sexual, racial, personal or artistic are key to all the images featured in this book". Susan Bright also uses historical examples  to provide an “understanding of how self-portraiture was first used in photography and to illustrate how the contemporary self-portrait derived and developed from those origins.”

Amy Sillman : One Lump or Two

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"Accompanying a major museum retrospective... this book traces American artist Amy Sillman's (b.1966, Detriot, Michagan) diverse body of work that includes drawings, cartoons, paintings, and animated videos produced on an iPhone" This survey explores "the  development of Sillman's work from her early use of cartoon figures and a vivacious palette through her exploration of the diagrammatic line, the history of Abstract Expressionism, and a growing concern with the bodily and erotic dimensions of paint"

Chris Martin : Drawings 


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This survey of abstract painter Chris Martin's drawings (b. 1954, Washington D C) “explores the fertile areas between sophisticated formalism and the visionary joy of outsider art, making abstract painting look enviably effortless…Martin and Dan Nadel have assembled a massive compendium of Martin’s drawings from the past 30 years, presenting them chronologically so the reader–viewer can follow the artist’s continual pursuit and discovery of new forms--from sound waves to mushrooms to Tantric arches to the iconic visages of James Brown and Sigmar Polke. For Martin, drawing is an end in itself that also often leads to themes he later reprises and explores in his painting.”

Minimal Art : the Critical Perspective 

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"Frances Colpitt chronicles the Minimal art movement of the 1960s...maintaining the original spirit of the period -enthusiasm for innovation and a passionate commitment to intellectual inquiry.... Using a metacritical approach that embraces critical writings of the artists themselves, interviews by herself and the others, and a generous sampling of illustrations, Colpitt sets forth the issues and arguments and identifies key concepts that are crucial to an understanding of Minimal art. These include the frequent use of industrial materials and techniques; nonrelational principles of composition; and theoretical issues of scale, presence and thatricality"

Old Me, Now : Self-Portrait Drawings / Jim Dine

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""These self-portrait drawings are about how many times I've regarded my face minutely and have corrected and erased to get the feeling I want to show most accurately. I now am able, after all this looking, to enlarge my head to become a field of form and chatter and for it to be compared to a vast forest or a limestone quarry, for instance. Finally, lying is not an option, nor is decoration. I am committed to setting the record straight. Don't worry, I will." Embracing the artistic possibilities of this station in his life, Jim Dine here breaks into new terrain with these works."

Making Silver / Richard Tuttle 

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"Featuring new texts and comprehensive installation photos from his exhibition 'Slide' (Bergen Kunsthall, 2012), 'Making Silver' documents five steel sculptures that Richard Tuttle ( b. 1941) made on site in Bergen, as well as including full-color reproductions of 121 drawings. These "notebook drawings" cover the artist's entire artistic output of a single year (2010), and were exhibited as the front page of the spiral-bound notebook, which was mounted on the wall with a nail, emphasising the notebook itself as sculptural entity. The unique concept for the book-developed by Tuttle himself, who is celebrated for his virtuosity with artist's books-includes an inserted "book within a book," pop-out details and an extensive fold-out cover"

Sustainable Ceramics : A Practical Approach 

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Robert Harrison draws on more than four decades of making to present practical possibilities for practising sustainable ceramics. Covering "all the factors to consider when going 'green', from fuels and alternative firing technology to energy-saving methods, sustainable ways to collect and use clay itself, and ways to deal with waste materials and save water. He suggests simple and achievable methods by which to reduce the carbon footprint of ceramic art, and offers examples throughout of practitioners who reclaim, reuse and recycle in their work”

Art Versus Nonart 

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"Tsion Avital poses the question: "Is modern art art at all?" He argues that the nonrepresentational art produced in the twentieth century was not art, but rather the debris of the visual tradition it replaced. Modern art has thrived on the total confusion between art and pseudo-art and the inability of many to distinguish between them. As Avital demonstrates, modern art has served as a critical intermediate stage between art of the past and the future"