Thursday, 13 October 2016

New Books in October

The following titles are on display from 13 – 20 October 2016
If you would like to borrow any of them when they come off display, please see library staff! Otherwise click on the call number links to check the library catalogue

Marc Quinn 

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"Through his use of such unorthodox materials as bread, blood, excrement, silicon, ice, and, more recently, plants and flowers, Marc Quinn works with the fundamental constituents of our existence.analysing the physical nature of the body and the mysteries associated with it ...Containing images of classical sculptures, old paintings, scenes of war, disasters, car and plane crashes, portraits of disabled people, works by other contemporary artists, scientific photographs, and a selection of works and photographs by Quinn himself...” this book edited by Germano Celant  includes “critical essays, an interview with the artist, and conversations between him and the people portrayed in his sculptures”

Constant : New Babylon. To Us, Liberty

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Between 1956 and 1974, Constant Nieuwenhuys (1920–2005), "the Dutch painter and cofounder of the avant-garde movements Cobra and the Situationist International, worked on numerous models, paintings, drawings and collages for the purpose of depicting his vision of the nomadic city of the future. This catalogue focuses not only on New Babylon’s architectural aspects but embraces them as an artist’s synthesis of the arts. Besides the models, drawings and collages, attention is also given to the designs in order to trace Constant’s artistic process. This not only provides extensive insight into utopian urban planning, but to a greater degree into a mode of thought and imagination"

Robert, Kudielka on Bridget Riley : Essays and Interviews 1972-2003

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"German critic Robert Kudielka met British painter Bridget Riley in 1967 and has
proved her keenest observer and a close friend ever since. With a unique insight
into Riley's working methods and styles - he lauds her uncompromising visual
intelligence - he has documented her career with the rigor of an academic and the
sympathy of a friend. This fascinating volume brings together for the first time a
large collection of Kudielka's essays and interviews"

An Introduction to Aesthetics 


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"This volume is a fascinating introduction to the core themes and basic methods of aesthetics and the philosophy of art. Providing an analytic and historical treatment of the issues, and including many illustrative examples to both motivate and reinforce theoretical discussion, An Introduction to Aesthetics by Dabney Townsend attempts to develop  a deeper comprehension of the field"

Andy Warhol : Portraits of the Seventies and Eighties

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“The portraits of Andy Warhol, the undisputed champion of American Pop Art, are the fruits of one of his most significant creative periods. The `icon' of the series, Marilyn Monroe, originated as early as 1962. From then on until the last year of his life, Warhol created a virtual museum of personalities, both living and deceased, from the worlds of film, show business, art, literature and politics... Characteristic of Warhol's unique style of portraiture is the use of silkscreens made from polaroid photographs - some of which were taken by the artist during encounters with his `sitters' at the notorious Factory”

Painted Landscapes : Contemporary Views / Lauren P. Della Monica

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"Painted Landscapes, Contemporary Views explores American landscape painting today, its relevance in the contemporary art world, and its historic roots. This volume profiles sixty individual living artists …whose contributions distinguish important aspects of the genre and address land use, nature appreciation, and ecology through landscape painting. Encompassing every style from traditional realism (with a contemporary edge) to abstraction and non-objectivity, these contemporary artists range from today's art stars to emerging or regionally recognised “

The Art of Understanding Art : a New Perspective 


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"Have we completely missed the point of the modern western revolution in the arts? Hugh Moss thinks so, and here he presents a refreshingly original and thought-provoking new approach to understanding art. It not only makes sense of western art over the past century or more, but applies equally to the art of any culture at any time, all within one enlightening framework that, well ... works... It is illustrated with intriguing skill, depth and humour by Peter Suart"

Buns in the Oven : John Olsen's Bakery Art School 

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"John Olsen's Bohemian art school, The Bakery Art School, was a uniquely exciting arts institution that deserves to be better known. Established in an old bakery building in Sydney's Paddington in 1967, the school ran until 1970. In this book about Olsen and the school, Juliet Schlunke, a former student, eloquently captures the mood of the late hippy era in Sydney and the influence of John Olsen on a generation of young artists. Olsen's teaching methods are discussed, as well as his life-drawing classes and his preparation of lunches for students and visitors including William Drysdale, Bill Rose, Fred Williams, Janet Dawson, Rudy Komon, Peter Upward, Clif Pugh, Robert Walker and Ann Thomson"

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