Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Summer Opening Hours 2017 -2018

 The Library is now CLOSED for 2017. 

Opening hours for the Summer Break are:
Monday 4 December – Friday 5 January 2018 CLOSED
Monday 8 - Friday 12 January 2018 9.30 – 4.00
Monday 15 January – Friday 2 March 2018 Mon–Thurs 10.00–4.00 & Fridays 10.00-1.00

This is a guide only – there may be other closures. Please call us to check we’re open before you come in. Tel: 9339 8620

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Art Prizes for November

National Photographic Portrait Prize, Collie Art Prize, City of Albany Art Prize, The John Glover Acquisitive Prize

National Photographic Portrait Prize

Get your entries in for the National Photographic Portrait Prize!
$50,000 in prizes goes to the creator of the most outstanding photographic portrait. There will also be prizes for Highly Commended as well an Art Handlers' Award, selected by our resident art handling duo Tara and Amelia. And don't forget the ever-popular People's Choice Award!
Thanks to the National Portrait Gallery of Australia and CR Kennedy, the Winner of the 2018 National Photographic Portrait Prize will be awarded $50,000 in prizes. $30,000 cash from the Portrait Gallery and lighting equipment from Profoto and paper or film supplies from Ilford to the value of $20,000.

Collie Art Prize
The Collie Art Gallery has launched an ambitious biennial major art event, with the largest single art prize to be awarded throughout regional Australia.
The acquisitive first prize of $50,000 cash has been made possible thanks to the generous commitment of Collie & Districts Community Bank Branch of the Bendigo Bank.
Two non-acquisitive prizes of $5000 cash and a complimentary exhibition at the Collie Art Gallery are also to be awarded thanks to the Rotary Club of Collie, as well as a non-acquisitive People’s Choice prize of $1000 cash presented by local accommodation provider Whispering Pines.
The inaugural CAP is expected to attract interest from top-class artists from across Australia, as well as arts lovers and collectors.

City of Albany Art Prize

Entering its 10th year in 2018, The City of Albany Art Prize is an important event in the cultural calendar of the Great Southern region, bringing the best of Australia’s contemporary painting practice to Albany. The Prize is integral to the ongoing development of the City’s already sizeable art collection via the major acquisitive prize, which is sponsored by The Jack Family Charitable Trust. The Jack Family Charitable Trust and the Trustees, alongside the City of Albany, continue to recognize the important role that the Arts play in the broader community. Albany is located 409 km south of Perth within the hub of a 40,000 square kilometre region known as the Great Southern. For thousands of years, Noongar Aboriginal people of the Mineng group lived by Albany's sheltered waters. Much of their story is lost in time but Noongar people play an increasingly prominent role in Albany today. In 1826 Albany became the first European settlement in Western Australia. Bounded by the Southern Ocean, the picturesque Stirling and Porongurup Ranges and the Great Southern hinterland, today Albany is one of WA’s most popular holiday destinations with a thriving cultural centre. Exhibition detail Prizes $25,000 Acquisitive prize plus a 4 week studio residency in Albany with $2,500 for expenses $2,500 Highly Commended Prize (non-acquisitive) $2,500 People’s Choice Prize (non-acquisitive) The winning artwork will be acquired by the City of Albany for their permanent artwork collection.

The John Glover Acquisitive Prize

Celebrating the legacy of John Glover, The John Glover Art Prize (Glover Prize) has become one of Australia's most significant awards for landscape painting, open to artists from anywhere in the world.
It is awarded annually by The John Glover Society Inc. for the work judged the best contemporary landscape painting of Tasmania.
Landscape painting is defined in its broadest sense. The aim is to stimulate conversations about the meaning and possibilities expressed in the words landscape, painting and Tasmania.
The winner receives $50,000 plus a bronze maquette of colonial artist John Glover, designed by Peter Corlett and valued at $5000.
The Glover Prize is acquisitive, selected from around 40 works chosen by a panel of eminent judges. All other exhibitied entries are eligible for the (non-acquisitive) People's Chouice Award of $3000, the Children's Choice Award of $500 and the Hanger's Choice Award of $500.
The exhibition of finalists' paintings is held over the March long-weekend in the historic Falls Park pavilion in Evandale, a village on the beautiful northern plains of Tasmania.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

New Books 26 October - 2 November

The following titles will be on display from 26 Oct - 2 Nov. If you would like to borrow any of them when they come off display see library staff. Otherwise check the library catalogue for availability.

Rose Hilton
9781848222069: Rose Hilton
"Rose Hilton has been an artist her whole life and has surmounted extraordinary obstacles in keeping to her calling: a strict, religious upbringing, tuberculosis when an art student and a demanding marriage to Roger Hilton. But Hilton has a genius for enjoying life, whatever the problems and for transmitting that pleasure into her works of art. Hilton turns 85 in 2016, one of the last survivors of the glory days of St Ives modernism, and shows no sign of relaxing her industrious work rate."

The Nerdrum School: The Master and his Students
9789187543043: The Nerdrum School: The Master and his Students
"Norwegian artist Odd Nerdrum (born 1944) was a student at the Academy of Art in Oslo when modernism made its delayed entry into Norway. Nerdrum broke away from his peers who rallied around the likes of Warhol and Lichtenstein, instead becoming a follower of Rembrandt and a painter in the classical tradition. Art students from all over the world have since sought out his teachings, and many have become internationally known in their own right."

Let's Destroy Work
"On the eve of All the World's Futures at the 2015 Venice Biennale, Schwartz City is pleased to announce the publication of Let's Destroy Work, the first major monograph on Marco Fusinato. A comprehensive overview of the past two decades of Fusinato's projects in art and music, featured projects include FREE (1998–2004), a series of guerrilla performances in unsuspecting music stores around the world; Mass Black Implosion (2007–), an ongoing series of propositional scores; Aetheric Plexus (2009–2013), a viewer-triggered installation of white noise and white light; and TM/MF (2000), a collaborative project with Thurston Moore."

Paula Modersohn-Becker
"Considered one of the most important representatives of early German Expressionism, painter Paula Modersohn-Becker (1876–1907) left behind an oeuvre of still-life paintings, landscape paintings, portraits and self-portraits in a characteristic expressionist style upon her premature death at the age of 41. Famous for her friendship with poet Rainer Maria Rilke and for having influenced Picasso, Modersohn-Becker is also recognized as a pioneer for female artistic representation of the female body, and is often cited as the first woman to paint full-length nude self-portraits.

How to See: Looking, Talking, and Thinking about Art
"How does art work? How does it move us, inform us, challenge us? Internationally renowned painter David Salle’s incisive essay collection illuminates the work of many of the most influential artists of the twentieth century. Engaging with a wide range of Salle’s friends and contemporaries―from painters to conceptual artists such as Jeff Koons, John Baldessari, Roy Lichtenstein, and Alex Katz, among others―How to See explores not only the multilayered personalities of the artists themselves but also the distinctive character of their oeuvres."

Bad New Days: Art, Criticism, Emergency
9781784781453: Bad New Days: Art, Criticism, Emergency
"Bad New Days examines the evolution of art and criticism in Western Europe and North America over the last twenty-five years, exploring their dynamic relation to the general condition of emergency instilled by neoliberalism and the war on terror. Considering the work of artists such as Thomas Hirschhorn, Tacita Dean, and Isa Genzken, and the writing of thinkers like Jacques Rancière, Bruno Latour, and Giorgio Agamben, Hal Foster shows the ways in which art has anticipated this condition, at times resisting the collapse of the social contract or gesturing toward its repair; at other times burlesquing it."

Practice-led Research, Research-led Practice in the Creative Arts
9780748636297: Practice-led Research, Research-led Practice in the Creative Arts (Research Methods for the Arts and Humanities)
"This book addresses one of the most exciting and innovative developments within higher education: the rise in prominence of the creative arts and the accelerating recognition that creative practice is a form of research.The book considers how creative practice can lead to research insights through what is often known as practice-led research. But unlike other books on practice-led research, it balances this with discussion of how research can impact positively on creative practice through research-led practice."

Gene Smith's Sink: A Wide-Angle View
"Famously unabashed, W. Eugene Smith was photography’s most celebrated humanist. As a photo essayist at Life magazine in the 1940s and ’50s, he established himself as an intimate chronicler of human culture. His photographs of war and disaster, villages and metropolises, doctors and midwives, revolutionized the role of images in journalism, transforming photography for decades to come."

Bento's Sketchbook
9781781688199: Bento's Sketchbook
"The seventeenth-century philosopher Baruch Spinoza-generally known as Benedict (or Bento) de Spinoza-spent the most intense years of his short life writing. A keen draughtsman, he also carried with him a sketchbook. After his sudden death, his friends rescued letters, manuscripts, notes, but apparently didn't find a sketchbook. Or, if they did, it was subsequently lost. For years, John Berger has imagined Bento's sketchbook being found, not knowing what he hoped to find in it, but wanting to reread his words while being able to look at the things Bento had seen with his own eyes. When one day a friend gave John a blank sketchbook he began to draw: not like a seventeenth-century Dutch amateur, nor to try and illustrate Bento's thoughts, but drawing, in Spinoza's company, from life today, and telling stories and asking questions. A book of images and words, Bento's Sketchbook is an exploration of the practice of drawing, about where and to what it leads. It is, too, a beautiful, clear-sighted meditation on how we perceive, and seek to explain, our ever-changing relationship with the world around us."

Who's Afraid of Contemporary Art?
9780500292747: Who's Afraid of Contemporary Art?
"From museums and the art market to biennales and the next big thing, Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art? offers concise and pointed insights into today’s art scene, decoding “Artspeak," explaining what curators do, demystifying conceptual art, exploring emerging art markets, and more. In this easy-to-navigate A to Z guide, the authors’ playful explanations draw on key artworks, artists, and events from around the globe, including how the lights going on and off won the Turner Prize, what makes the likes of Marina Abramovic and Ai Weiwei such great artists, and why Kanye West would trade his Grammys to be one."

The Past's Threshold: Essays on Photography
9783037346914: The Past's Threshold: Essays on Photography
"Siegfried Kracauer was a leading intellectual figure of the Weimar Republic and one of the foremost representatives of critical theory. Best known for a wealth of writings on sociology and film theory, his influence is felt in the work of many of the period’s preeminent thinkers, including his friends, the critic Walter Benjamin, and Theodor W. Adorno, who once claimed he owed more to Kracauer than any other contemporary."

Thursday, 19 October 2017

New Books 19 - 26 October

The following titles will be on display from 19 Oct - 26 Oct. If you would like to borrow any of them when they come off display see library staff. Otherwise check the library catalogue for availability.

The Polaroid Project: At the Intersection of Art and Technology

Image and text taken from here
"The Polaroid Project is the only book to bring together both the outstanding photography created by the artists and photographers Polaroid worked with, alongside the technical objects and artifacts from the MIT Museum archive. Curated by William A. Ewing and Barbara Hitchcock, and with texts from other leading critics, curators and writers that discuss the Polaroid phenomenon in terms of artistic output and lasting legacy on design, technology, society and business, this book is the definitive publication for the many who have a deep love of Polaroid."

American Dream: Pop to Present 

Image and text taken from here
"The American Dream: From Pop to present presents an overview of the development of American printmaking since 1960, paying particular attention to key figures such as Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol. The 1960s was a period of change in the production, marketing and consumption of prints and the medium attracted a new generation of artists whose attitude towards making art had been conditioned by the monumentality and bold, eye-catching nature of popular imagery in postwar America, from advertising billboards to drive-in movies."

Ugo Rondinone: Becoming Soil

Image and text taken from here
"This catalogue records Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone’s (born 1964) first major solo exhibition in France. Star-filled skies, monumental landscapes and animal sculptures are combined into a poetic whole that conveys the magnificence of natural phenomena, human existence and the cosmos."

Jongsuk Yoon
Image and text taken from here
"Stylistically, the landscapes of Jongsuk Yoon suggest a new Abstract Expressionism. Beneath the agitated pictorial surface and the seemingly chaotic lines, her abstract and expressive paintings and drawings always contain a kernel of silence and deliberate gentleness. Seemingly naïve renditions of steep mountains, paths, hats, animals, and pavilions invoke the artist’s Asian roots and recall her childhood in Korea. The beholder contemplating these “mind landscapes,” in which dreams and experiences kaleidoscopically condense in forever new images, will look in vain for a larger meaning, a story."

Not at Home: The Suppression of Domesticity in Modern Art and Architecture

Image and text taken from here
"The notion of domesticity - the home, the family, privacy, comfort - has often been challenged and ridiculed by modernist artists, architects and designers. Today, after more than 100 years of dispute, the domestic is being re-evaluated and returned to a position of cultural prominence, looking back over the mainstream of modernism in an effort to trace it hidden domestic subcurrents. The book investigates domesticity in modern art and architecture from the Victorian period up to the present day. Through the essays, the notion of the home is freed from stereotypes of sentimental nostalgia and emerges as an arena of modern art."

Being Here: The Life Of Paula Modersohn-Becker

Image and text taken from here
"Born in Germany in 1876, Paula Modersohn-Becker was the first female artist to paint herself not only naked but pregnant. BEING HERE is a moving account of the life of this ground-breaking Expressionist painter by the acclaimed French writer Marie Darrieussecq."

Assemblage Theory
9781474413633: Assemblage Theory (Speculative Realism)
Image and text taken from here
"Examines the concept of an assemblage of heterogeneous components. Gilles Deleuze considered his concept of "assemblage" to be one of his most important contributions to philosophy. Yet he never developed it consistently and systematically, whether in his own books or those co-authored with Félix Guattari. In this book Manuel DeLanda provides the first detailed overview of the assemblage theory found in germ in Deleuze and Guattari's writings. Through a series of case studies, DeLanda shows how the concept can be applied to economic, linguistic, and military history as well as to metaphysics, science, and mathematics."

Feminist Methodologies for Critical Researchers: Bridging Differences
Image and text taken from here
"This accessible text on social research methodology teaches students of sociology and related disciplines how standard methods can be adapted toward critical ends. The second edition has been updated throughout to incorporate the latest critical scholarship, enhanced discussion of qualitative methods, new material on global issues, sex/sexuality/gender, new discussion of intersectionality, how social media can shape research, and more."

Flaneuse: Women Walk the City in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice and London
9780701189020: Flaneuse: Women Walk the City in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice and London
Image and text taken from here
"If the word flâneur conjures up visions of Baudelaire, boulevards and bohemia – then what exactly is a flâneuse? In this gloriously provocative and celebratory book, Lauren Elkin defines her as ‘a determined resourceful woman keenly attuned to the creative potential of the city, and the liberating possibilities of a good walk’. Part cultural meander, part memoir, Flâ neuse traces the relationship between the city and creativity through a journey that begins in New York and moves us to Paris, via Venice, Tokyo and London, exploring along the way the paths taken by the flâneuses who have lived and walked in those cities."

Aesthetics and Politics
9781844675708: Aesthetics and Politics (Radical Thinkers)
Image and text taken from here
"No other country and no other period has produced a tradition of major aesthetic debate to compare with that which unfolded in German culture from the 1930s to the 1950s. In Aesthetics and Politics the key texts of the great Marxist controversies over literature and art during these years are assembled in a single volume. They do not form a disparate collection but a continuous, interlinked debate between thinkers who have become giants of twentieth-century intellectual history."

Thursday, 12 October 2017

New Books in October

The following titles will be on display from 12 Oct - 19 Oct. If you would like to borrow any of them when they come off display see library staff. Otherwise check the library catalogue for availability.

Todd Hido: Intimate Distance: Twenty-Five Years of Photographs, A Chronological Album
9781597113601: Todd Hido: Intimate Distance: Twenty-Five Years of Photographs, A Chronological Album
Image and text taken from here
"Well-known for his photographs of landscapes and suburban housing across the United States, and for his use of luminous color, Todd Hido casts a distinctly cinematic eye across all that he photographs, digging deep into his memory and imagination for inspiration. David Campany introduces the work and looks specifically at Hido’s cinematic influences and the kind of spectatorship the work demands."

Discovering Dobell
Discovering Dobell - Christopher Heathcote
Image and text taken from here
"Discovering Dobell offers an intimate glimpse of William Dobell, the artist whose heart remained anchored in the daily life of everyday people, from the streets of Depression-raked London to Sydney's Kings Cross."

Koen van den Broek: Insomnia and the Greenhouse

Image and text taken from here
"Derived from photo-diaries of his travels, the paintings of Koen van den Broek (born 1973) depict empty highways, closed garages and desolate curbsides. This publication presents the monumental Insomnia cycle, painted in Antwerp, and the Greenhouse series, done during a residency in Williamsburg, Brooklyn."

Classical Painting Atelier: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio Practice
9780823006588: Classical Painting Atelier: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio Practice
Image and text taken from here
"Want to paint more like Manet and less like Jackson Pollock?
Students of art hailed Classical Drawing Atelier, Juliette Aristides’s first book, as a dynamic return to the atelier educational model. Ateliers, popular in the nineteenth century, teach emerging artists by pairing them with a master artist over a period of years. The educational process begins as students copy masterworks, then gradually progress to painting as their skills develop."

Ingmar Alge
9783775734967: Ingmar Alge
Image and text taken from here
"With a keen eye for uniquely contemporary locales of melancholy and alienation, Ingmar Alge (born 1971) updates German Romantic painting for the age of the “non-place.” He bases his hyper-realistic paintings on photographs, intensifying colors and veneering them with fine layers of glaze. This first monograph includes nearly 200 color plates, plus essays and an index of works."

Sarah Raphael Drawings

Image and text taken from here
"Sarah Raphael (1960-2001) died young: preparing a show for New York, she contracted pneumonia and never recovered. Her work, large- and small-scale, is now represented in all the leading British collections. A major retrospective at Marlborough Fine Arts, London, in 2003, bringing together work from her last seven years, was as amazing as her earlier exhibitions in its brilliance, its formal variety and inventiveness. One breathtaking area of her work which has so far been inadequately displayed is her drawing."

The Apparently Marginal Activities of Marcel Duchamp

Image and text taken from here
"A new understanding of Marcel Duchamp and his significance as an artist through an investigation of his non-art activities -- archiving, art-dealing, and, most persistently, curating.This groundbreaking and richly illustrated book tells a new story of the twentieth century's most influential artist, recounted not so much through his artwork as through his "non-art" work. Marcel Duchamp is largely understood in critical and popular discourse in terms of the objects he produced, whether readymade or meticulously fabricated. Elena Filipovic asks us instead to understand Duchamp's art through activities not normally seen as artistic -- from exhibition making and art dealing to administrating and publicizing."

Clay: Contemporary Ceramic Artisans

Image and text taken from here
"Ceramics is back in a big way, experiencing a steady surge of interest and popularity not seen since the 1970s. The return to the handmade, driven by our increasingly digital lives, means there are now more makers, sellers, and collectors than ever. There is also a new desire for unique objects made by hand and the imperfections associated with the marks of the maker. Pottery captures this authenticity in ways no other medium can."

Queer Art: A Freak Theory

Image and text taken from here
"A queer theory of visual art - based on extensive readings of art works Queer Art traces the question of how strategies of denormalization initiated by visual arts can be continued through writing. In the book's three chapters art theoretical debates are combined with queer theory, post-colonial theory, and (dis-)ability studies, proposing the three terms radical drag, transtemporal drag, and abstract drag. The works discussed include those by Zoe Leonard, Shinique Smith, Jack Smith, Wu Ingrid Tsang, Ron Vawter, Bob Flanagan, Henrik Olesen, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Sharon Hayes, and Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz."

Artmachines: Deleuze, Guattari, Simondon
9781474402545: Artmachines: Deleuze, Guattari, Simondon
Image and text taken from here
"Artmachines presents, constructs, and transforms the thought of Deleuze and Guattari, excavating from their work a new philosophy of individuation and creative production.
Western thought remains burdened by a worn-out image predicated upon binary oppositions, sterile notions of art as representation, and an untenable model of the subject as a sovereign individual. Deleuze and Guattari aim, above all, to create a new image of thought that dismantles these worn-out concepts and that fosters creativity, life, and becoming."

Urs Fischer: 2000 Words
9786185039011: Urs Fischer: 2000 Words
Image and text taken from here
"Swiss artist Urs Fischer is best known for his dramatic transfiguration of the exhibition space, as well as for his unexpected transformations of quotidian objects. Offering grand gestures with a pop attitude, the artist works in a variety of media--which is grounded in sculpture despite the artist's training as a photographer--to explore the intersection between art and everyday life. Part of the new 2000 Words series, conceived and commissioned by Massimiliano Gioni and published by the Deste Foundation, this colorful monograph, with an essay by Jessica Morgan, presents the wide array of Urs Fischer's work in the Dakis Joannou Collection."

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Art Prizes

Art Prizes for October

Tom Bass Prize, Montalto Sculpture Prize, AGES Society Art Prize, M16 Drawing PrizeElioth Gruner Prize, Robert Le Gay Brereton Memorial Prize, Sculpture at Scenic World

Tom Bass Prize

The Tom Bass Prize is the first national Australian prize for figurative sculpture.
This important and prestigious Prize is a celebration of the human form and its influence on today’s sculptors and is an acknowledgement of the influence Bass had as one of Australia’s pre-eminent public sculptors.
The next Tom Bass Prize will be held in March 2018.
Applications are NOW OPEN and close at midnight on 30 November 2017 (for online entries) and at 3pm for mailed entries.
The inaugural exhibition was held in March 2016, in Sydney, in commemoration of what would have been Tom’s centenary year.
Tom Bass had a particularly close affiliation with the figure, and it is with this in mind that we created the $19,000 Tom Bass Prize. 

 Montalto Sculpture Prize

The Montalto Sculpture Prize is an annual $30,000 acquisitive prize open to artists working in any medium. Entries for the following year open at the beginning of August and close at the end of October. The judging panel then selects a shortlist of finalists from all of the entries in early November.
The Finalists are invited to install their work towards the end of January, at which time the judges will determine a winner, announced at the opening in February. The winning sculpture wins its creator $30,000 and Montalto acquires the work. The Mitchell Family Award, a $1000 non-acquisitive Award is also announced at the opening.
All of the Finalist works form the Exhibition which remain in place until end October. All of the non-winning Finalist works are available for purchase.

AGES Society Art Prize

AGES is pleased to announce the inaugural AGES Society Art Prize is once again open for submissions.
Submissions for a $10,000 cash prize will be considered by the AGES Society Board of Directors for three (3) commissioned artworks, to be the covers of our three annual meeting brochures.
The three works will further be auctioned at the AGES XXIX ASM 2019, with all proceeds going to a charity of the AGES Board’s choice.
The previous winners, Fiona Omeenyo’s (2016/2017) and Carrie Pitcher (2017/2018), artworks have been used to promote our meetings, are on the AGES website, and have been seen by more than 700 doctors and surgeons.
The artwork will be distributed through various print media to a circulation of more than 6,000 doctors, surgeons, and healthcare professionals.

M16 Drawing Prize 2017

This prize is for drawing in either traditional drawing media and techniques, or non-traditional works that extend understanding of what drawing may be within contemporary art practice.
M16 Artspace is a not-for-profit art organisation that seeks to provide an inclusive space for the practice and exhibition of art within the Canberra art community and beyond.
The judges for this year’s prize are Elspeth Pitt, A/G Senior Curator, Australian Prints, Drawings & Illustrated Books at NGA and Anthony Oates, Curator of Exhibitions at Drill Hall Gallery ANU.
Beyond Bank Prize $2500
CAPO Prize $1000
Framing Prize $500 (voucher courtesy of The Framing Store, Braddon)
Eckersley’s Prize $300 (voucher courtesy of Eckersley’s, Braddon)
Key Date
ENTRIES DUE: Thursday 2 November 2017 5pm

Elioth Gruner Prize

Applications now open. Deadline Wednesday 1 November 2017, 5pm
The Art Gallery of New South Wales awards an annual prize of $1000 for excellence in the study of a landscape in oils. The applicant must be an art student who has lived in New South Wales for at least five years before entering the competition.
Applicants must submit two landscapes painted in oils, no larger than 100 × 150 cm, along with the completed application form and CV.
The prize
The prize is for an amount of $1000 awarded for the best study of a landscape in oils.
Entry requirements
The scholarship is open to students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in fine or visual arts or an equivalent studio degree.
Applicants must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident who has lived in New South Wales for at least five years prior to applying for the prize.

Robert Le Gay Brereton Memorial Prize

Supported by the Jocelyn Maughan Art Foundation
Applications now open. Deadline Wednesday 1 November 2017, 5pm
The Art Gallery of NSW awards an annual prize of $2000 to an art student exhibiting skill and promise in the area of draughtsmanship.
Applicants are required to submit:
•two life figure drawings, one of each sex
•one study of hands and feet
•one or two studies of a head
•one, or not more than two, sketchbooks or portfolios containing any subjects
Applicants are asked at first instance to send images of their entries in PowerPoint format. Shortlisted applicants will then be required to submit original works to the Gallery for final judging.
The prize
The prize is for an amount of $2000 awarded to an art student exhibiting skill and promise in the area of draughtsmanship.
Entry requirements
The scholarship is open to Australian students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in fine or visual arts or an equivalent studio degree.

Sculpture at Scenic World

Submissions are now open for the seventh annual Sculpture at Scenic World exhibition, with an increased prize pool totalling over $30,000.
Set adjacent to the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains National Park, Sculpture at Scenic World will transform the ancient rainforest into an outdoor art gallery from April 13 to May 13, 2018.
Artists from right across the globe are invited to apply to exhibit works from all artistic mediums, with the winner to take home the highly coveted $20,000 Scenic World Major Award.
Selected artists will also go in the running for awards including the $5000 Artist Peer Award, $3000 Environmental Award, $2000 Scenic World Staff’s Choice Award, and the $1000 Carrington Hotel People’s Choice Prize.
All applications will be assessed by a panel of arts industry professionals and each selected artist will receive a $1000 artwork loan fee for exhibiting, up from $750 in previous exhibitions.
Sculpture at Scenic World Exhibition Manager Justin Morrissey said the exhibition opened the doors to new opportunities for artists from a range of disciplines.
“This is an exciting opportunity for artists to create artworks in a truly unique location and receive expert technical and logistical support to realise their visions,” he said.
Artists are encouraged to incorporate environmental elements into their creations and consider the impact of their works to maintain the exhibition’s 0% ecological footprint.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

New books in October

The following titles will be on display from 5 Oct - 12 Oct. If you would like to borrow any of them when they come off display see library staff. Otherwise click on the call number link to check the library catalogue.

Vitamin C: Clay and Ceramic in Contemporary Art

Image and text taken from here
"Vitamin C celebrates the revival of clay as a material for contemporary visual artists, featuring a wide range of global talent as selected by the world's leading curators, critics, and art professionals. Clay and ceramics have in recent years been elevated from craft to high art material, with the resulting artworks being coveted by collectors and exhibited in museums around the world. Packed with illustrations, Vitamin C is a vibrant and incredibly timely survey - the first of its kind."

Urs Fischer

Image and text taken from here
"Urs Fischer provides an overview of the Swiss artist’s heterogeneous oeuvre and features many of his best-known works. Designed and conceived by Fischer, the book is arranged thematically rather than chronologically, with clusters of works that allow the reader to observe how Fischer has explored disparate formal strategies to engage with his multifarious interests--which include gravity, architecture, shadows, representation, destruction, entropy and time--and revisit favorite motifs, such as furniture, fruit, animals, skeletons and other surrogates for his cardinal subject, the human body, over the past decade and a half."

The Photographic Image in Digital Culture

Image and text taken from here
"This new edition of The Photographic Image in Digital Culture explores the condition of photography after some 20 years of remediation and transformation by digital technology."

William Scott: Paintings and Drawings
9781858940663: William Scott: Paintings and Drawings
Image and text taken from here
"Accompanying an exhibition at Dublin''s Irish Museum of Modern Art this year, this first full assessment of Scott''s work contains many previously unseen works of both painting and drawing, including landscapes and figure painting'."

Ugo Rondinone: Zero Built a Nest in My Navel

Image and text taken from here
"Using photography, video, painting, drawing, sculpture, sound and text by turns, this Swiss-born, New York-based artist, a virtuoso of forms and techniques, develops surprising sensorial environments. He especially likes to destabilize the viewer's perceptions, to unsettle their certainties. Rearranging content and formal elements in a personal poetic with elements taken directly from the outside world, he draws us into a synesthetic experience."

Kandinsky: Complete Writings On Art
9780306805707: Kandinsky: Complete Writings On Art
Image and text taken from here
"Of all the giants of twentieth-century art, Wassily Kandinsky (1866–1944) was the most prolific writer. Here, available for the first time in paperback, are all of Kandinsky's writings on art, newly translated into English. Editors Kenneth C. Lindsay and Peter Vergo have taken their translations directly from Kandinsky's original texts, and have included select interviews, lecture notes, and newly discovered items along with his more formal writings."

Ceramic Millennium: Critical Writings on Ceramic History, Theory and Art

Image and text taken from here
"Over the last two decades of the twentieth century, the Ceramic Arts Foundation (formerly the Institute for Ceramic History) presented International Ceramics Symposiums in New York, Toronto, London and Amsterdam, among other cities. In the course of that work, it fundamentally changed the approach of ceramics to the field's modern history, to scholarship, and to criticism. The first symposium was held in conjunction with the groundbreaking exhibition, A Century of Ceramics in the United States 1878-1978, in Syracuse, New York, and opened with a keynote address by Clement Greenberg. The most recent attracted 3,500 participants, 65 national delegations and involved an arts festival spanning 73 museums and galleries. Garth Clark, the CAF's founding director and a noted ceramics scholar, has selected these symposium essays from eminent voices in mainstream art and design as well as the finest specialty writers on ceramics, past and present."

Anne Blanchet: Light Drawings

Image taken from here
"Anne Blanchet's diaphanous sculptural paintings are light arrangements incised onto plexiglass."
Jacqueline Ceresoli

Mike Kelley

9780714838342: Mike Kelley
Image and text taken from here
"In a survey of Californian-based artist Mike Kelly, the author of this volume discusses with the artist his various aesthetic and symbolic strategies in both the American and In European contexts. Kelly's work is considered in the context of his anti-art predecessors since Dada and chronicles all of Kelly's work, from his earliest performances in the late 1970s to his large sculptural installations in the 1990s."

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Art Prizes for September

Rio Tinto Martin Hanson Memorial Art Awards, 2017 Blacktown City Art Prize,  2017 GreenWay Open Art Prize,  Liverpool Art Society Exhibition, 9 x 5 Landscape Prize

Rio Tinto Martin Hanson Memorial Art Awards

2017 will mark the 42nd anniversary of the Rio Tinto Martin Hanson Memorial Art Awards. Since it’s inauguration in 1976, the Awards have become one of Queensland’s most prestigious regional art events and is eagerly anticipated each year. 2016 attracted over 375 entries from established, emerging and amateur artists from across the country and over 4000 visitors attended the exhibition and supporting public programs.
Martin Hanson (1923-1976) was a popular and highly respected local businessman who was Member for Legislative Assembly (MLA) for Port Curtis 1963-1976, and patron to the Gladstone Artists Club. As a tribute to his patronage, in conjunction with the family, the Gladstone Artists Club held the first Martin Hanson Memorial Art Awards and Exhibition in 1976.
Entries for the 2017 Art Awards are due to the Gallery & Museum between 10am and 5pm, Thursday 5, Friday 6 and Saturday 7 October 2017.  The Awards will be presented 6pm, Saturday 14 October 2017.
The Rio Tinto Martin Hanson Memorial Art Award: $15,000

2017 Blacktown City Art Prize 

Entries for the 2017 Blacktown City Art Prize are now open. Now in its 22nd year, the Blacktown City Art Prize is a highly valued art prize, with cash prizes of $20,000 and acquisitive awards.
Local, regional and national artists are invited to submit entries in drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics and mixed media.
The winner of the Blacktown City Art Prize will receive $15,000. Three supporting prizes will also be awarded:
Aboriginal Artist Prize ($2,000)
Local Artist Prize ($2,000)
People’s Choice Prize ($1,000).
“The Blacktown City Art Prize has been a key cultural event for over 20 years,” said Mayor of Blacktown City, Councillor Stephen Bali.
Entries close at 5pm on Tuesday, 10 October 2017.

2017 GreenWay Open Art Prize 

The GreenWay is an urban green corridor linking the Parramatta River at Iron Cove to the Cooks River at Canterbury. It winds through the heart of Sydney’s Inner West and takes in parts of the City of Canterbury Bankstown and Inner West Council areas.
Following the route of the recently extended Inner West Light Rail, the GreenWay features bike paths and foreshore walks, cultural and historical sites, cafes, urban bush care sites and a variety of parks, playgrounds and sporting facilities.
The GreenWay Art Prize celebrates the precious urban green corridor in Sydney’s Inner West and aims to capture the essence of the GreenWay through visual art.
The GreenWay Art Prize Exhibition is hosted by Art Est. Art School and Gallery in Leichhardt, and is sponsored by Inner West Council, the City of Canterbury-Bankstown, Cooks River Alliance, Art Est. Art School and Gallery and Derivan, maker of fine artist materials.
$3,500 cash, plus exhibition package worth $1,500
Open to all artists, anywhere in Australia or abroad, established or emerging, represented or unrepresented.
Winner receives a $3,500 cash prize, as well as a two-week solo exhibition at Art Est. Art School, to take place within a year of the 2017 GreenWay Art Prize exhibition, at the discretion of the Art Est. Art School and Gallery Director.
Artworks will be selected based on their artistic merit and relevance to the GreenWay themes of the urban environment, community connections and/or sustainable transport.


23 November - 24 December 2017
Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre is proud to present the annual Liverpool Art Society Exhibition, celebrating its 20th incarnation in 2017. The annual exhibition has been produced by Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in partnership with the Liverpool Art Society since 1998 and continues to promote and celebrate the creative talent of our region.

The annual Liverpool Art Society exhibition and art prize inspires a diverse range of artists and artworks. In support of this outstanding commitment by our local artistic community, we are pleased to continue supporting the prestigious $1500 Casula Powerhouse Scholarship Prize and the $5000 acquisitive Liverpool City Council Overall Winner Prize.
Deadline: Fri 20 Oct 2017, 4.30pm

9 x 5 Landscape Prize

Welcome to the 9 x 5 Landscape Prize 2017.
Following in the footsteps of impressionists Streeton, Roberts, Condor and McCubbin, in 2016 we launched our inaugural 9 x 5 Landscape Prize. Entry in the 9×5 Prize may be paintings in any medium, including oil, acrylic or watercolour. The theme is open. Entry Fee is $25 and includes one 9 x 5 plywood board. Prizes: The 9×5 First Prize: $1,000. The 9×5 Second Prize: $500
Entries close on 7th November, 2017

Library Stairwell Gallery call for proposals

The Library Stairwell Gallery is now calling for exhibition proposals for first semester 2018! Don't miss out on your chance for an exhibition while still at art school.
If you are currently in 2nd or 3rd year BFA or the Masters of Fine Art, you are eligible to apply for an exhibition. Preference is given to small group shows, but individual shows will also be considered.
Library Stairwell Gallery proposal application forms for 2018 are available at the library desk. Applications will close on 20 October 2017.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Spring Break Opening Hours

Opening hours for the 2 week Spring Break are:

  • Monday 25  - Friday 29 September  9.30 am – 4.00 pm
  • Monday 2 October                             CLOSED - Public holiday
  • Tuesday 3 - Friday 6 October                 10 am – 4 pm 

This is a guide only – there may be other closures. Please call us to check we’re open before you come in. Tel: 9339 8620

Friday, 15 September 2017

Library Lunchtime Research Seminars - Proquest Art, Design and Architecture Database

Bring your lunch and your friends and spend half an hour improving your research skills by learning to use Proquest Art, Design and Architecture Database. Get better results with essay writing and art research. Join me at one or all of the sessions below. Don't forget to sign up in the library.

Tuesday 19 September;  12:45 - 1:15 Red Theatre
Thursday 21 September;  12:45 - 1:15 Red Theatre

Thursday, 14 September 2017

New Books in September

The following titles will be on display from 14 Sept - 21 Sept. If you would like to borrow any of them when they come off display see library staff. Otherwise click on the call number link to check the library catalogue.

Reality: Modern and Contemporary British Painting

Image and text taken from here
"In a world saturated with polychrome printed media and ephemeral digital images, painting has a particular power. It requires a direct experience of the work as a physical object; it offers an encounter with the scale of the canvas and the texture of the paint. And although it is one of our most archaic living cultural practices, it survives successfully alongside art forms such as film, photography and installation, which threatened to eclipse it in recent decades."

The Graphic Unconscious

Image and text taken from here
"The Graphic Unconscious catalogue is a reference for the expanded field of printmaking featuring work by forty artists and collectives, working in a variety of media from traditional print to multi-disciplinary practices, featured in The Graphic Unconscious exhibition of the Philagrafika 2010 festival."

Rethinking Contemporary Art and Multicultural Education
9780415960854: Rethinking Contemporary Art and Multicultural Education
Image and text taken from here
"For over a decade, Contemporary Art and Multicultural Education has served as the guide to multicultural art education, connecting everyday experience, social critique, and creative expression with classroom learning. The much-anticipated Rethinking Contemporary Art and Multicultural Education continues to provide an accessible and practical tool for teachers, while offering new art, essays, and content to account for transitions and changes in both the fields of art and education."

A Matter of Memory: Photography as Object in the Digital Age

Image and text taken from here
"The majority of photographic images today are recorded and viewed digitally, rather than on film and paper. Amateurs, photojournalists and commercial photographers alike rarely produce material objects as the final step in their photographic process, making photographs in the form of physical objects increasingly scarce."

Sculpture in the Age of Doubt
9781581150230: Sculpture in the Age of Doubt (Aesthetics Today)
Image and text taken from here
"Framed in a lucid discussion of the intellectual issues surrounding the postmodern movement, the essays in this book re-examine the course of twentieth-century art through the work of twenty-five major sculptors. McEvilley masterfully traces the evolution of modern sculpture from the readymades of Marcel Duchamp to the anti-painting statements of the 1960s to the spiritualism and conceptualism of the 1980s and 1990s.

Diana Al-Hadid

Image and text taken from here
"Syrian-born, but raised in the U.S., Diana Al-Hadid (born 1981) is known for her gravity-defying works built from layers of gypsum, steel, cardboard, wax and paint, that integrate references to Western European and Islamic mythology. Employing motifs such as pipe organs, labyrinths and spires, her works recall Northern Renaissance painting and Gothic cathedrals, yet appear in a deteriorated state reminiscent of ruins of long past civilizations. “Ancient ruins are culturally nostalgic objects that carry with them a distinct psychological effect,” she has observed."

Rudolf Stingel

Image and text taken from here
"Celebrated for his explorations of the process of painting and the “idea” of painting, Rudolf Stingel (b. 1957) combines minimalist, conceptual, and performative practices to create unexpected spaces. This highly anticipated book, the premier critical survey of Stingel’s career to date, accompanies the Italian-born artist’s first solo museum exhibition in the United States."

51 Drawings: Bill Culbert
Image result for bill culbert 51 drawings
Image and text taken from here
"This book is a rare and unique publication by CORACLE PRESS. “51 drawings were made over the last thirty years using Parker 51 reservoir and cartridge fountain pens, mostly on pieces of A4 office paper. They were selected and edited by Bill Culbert and Simon Cutts from drawings of Pens & Corkscrews, Shades & Lamps, Chairs, Tables & Other Furniture, Bottles & Glasses, Instructions for Installations, Diagrams & Listings, in January 2013."

Lucian Freud: A Closer Look
Lucian Freud: A Closer Look
Image and text taken from here
"This catalogue focuses on the artist’s graphic production from the period after 1982 with works from the UBS Art Collection. Freud’s (1922–2011) portraits—often of the same subjects he painted—manage to encompass his own psyche, the models’ responses and our own reactions. "My work," he said, "is purely autobiographical. It is about myself and my surroundings." In an etching, the subject is scored into a metal plate covered with a wax mixture, which, after immersion in an acid bath, exposes the scorings, which are left as black lines in the finished print."