New titles on display from 10 OCTOBER 2022. 

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- The Living Exhibition / edited by Thomas Oberender, Paul Rabe

- The Rise and Rise of the Private Art Museum / Georgina Adam

- Ross Laurie: After Storms and Rain / Anna Johnson

- Art and Posthistory: Conversations on the End of Aesthetics / Arthur C. Danto and Demetrio Paproni

- Drawing Difference: Connections Between Gender and Drawing / Marsha Meskimmon and Phil Sawdon

- The printing press as an agent of change Vol I and II / Elizabeth L. Eisenstein

- Parables for the Virtual: Movement, Affect, Sensation / Brian Massumi

- Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World / Tyson Yunkaporta

- Dark Side of the Boom: Excesses of the Art Market in the 21st Cenutry / Georgina Adam

- Choreography, Visual Art and Experimental Composition 1950s – 1970s / Erin Brannigan

- The Sacred Conspiracy / Georges Bataille

- The Australian Art Field: Practices, Policies, Institutions / edited by Tony Bennett, Deborah Stevenson, Fred Myers and Tamara Winikoff

- From Postwar to Postmodern: Art in Japan 1945 – 1989 / edited by Doryun Chong, Michio Hayashi, Kenji Kajiya and Fumihiko Sumitomo

- Casa Susanna / Edited by Michel Hurst and Robert Swope

- Charles Cooper: On Location / Joe Frost

- Transmedial: Expanding Technologies in Contemporary Printmaking / Curated by Monika Lukowska and Sarah Robinson

- Nick Cave: Forothermore / Edited by Naomi Beckwith

- Ramesh / Edited by Jaklyn Babington

- Writing Essays by Pictures: a workbook / Alke Groppel-Wegener

- Icons / Parker Day

- Galang: Belonging / Brook Garru Andrew

- Verrocchio / Edited by Andrew Butterfield